How To Make Ginger Cordial

ginger cordial bottle

Ginger is an ingredient I often turn to when I am feeling  under the weather. It warms me up when I am feeling cold and it clears and soothes my throat when the winter viruses come a calling. It is also an ingredient that can liven up a soft drink and there is often nothing […]

Give us this day, our daily bread

Bread close up

I have recently been getting into baking bread. It all started when I found that the children were getting a bit too used to eating that sliced 50/50 bread and any bread that looked too brown in colour began to get rejected. I thought I had better see if I could remedy this problem by […]

Chocolate, cherry & kirsch mousse with toasted almonds

choc cherry kirsch mousse

This recipe is my first entry into Maison Cupcake’s  “Forever Nigella” monthly recipe competition  The idea is that you pick a Nigella recipe, which have different monthly themes, and adapt it slightly to suit your tastes, then enter it into a monthly recipe challenge. This month the Forever Nigella challenge is titled ” Iced dreams “. […]