Pappardelle with Goat’s Cheese Cream

Pappardelle & goat's cheese

Sometimes the simple things in life can be so pleasing.  Pasta has become a food staple in our house. The children love it. It is quick to prepare and hits the spot in minutes. But, because of this, I have gone off pasta and only make meals with it for me and Mr. Scott when […]

Little Goat’s Cheese & Walnut Tarts with Yellow Pepper Confit

Goat's cheese & walnut tarts

I just wanted to share with you a delicious little savoury tart recipe before my weekend of birthday celebrations for my middle daughter. This idea came about because I needed to use up a small amount of shortcrust pastry left over from making my  STRAWBERRY TART WITH ELDERFLOWER PASTRY CREAM. (I can’t abide waste!) Not […]

Mexican Slow Cooked Pork Belly with Annatto/Achiote

Mexican pork belly with Annatto

You may be aware that I am a huge fan of anything chilli. I love it in any shape or form and can be found using it in (nearly) all that I cook. Sadly, my three children have not yet developed a taste for anything that includes heat and are even wary of black pepper […]