Tagliatelle with Flower Sprouts & Chorizo

Flower sprout & chorizo pasta

As most mums to young children do, I tend to cook A LOT of pasta. Consequently, I rarely feel like cooking it for me and Mr. Scott when we settle down for our dinner. The only pasta dish  that I do keep producing (mainly on a Friday when there are fresh dressed crabs in Waitrose) […]

Pork Parmesan & Leek Patties

pork & parmesan patties

There are so many good burger joints I have been hearing about recently, I am now feeling the need to hit London and try one. Photos appearing on Twitter of The Pitt Cue Co are also emphasising the glory of all things MEAT. I can handle that as well as positively encourage the mass consumption of ribs, […]

Teryaki Salmon & Stir Fried Greens

Teryaki salmon & kale

I never used to really like salmon until I tried it Teryaki style. It’s a fish that can so often taste too oily and flabby, leaving quite an unpleasant aftertaste. What got me back into it was cooking it in this marinade that I don’t even measure. Yes, I do have a specific recipe for […]

Tortellini Soup

tortelllini in brodo

This is hardly really a recipe, but what it is, is a damn good bowl of soup! It is something that I use to eat so much of as a kid. My granny would often make it for with those wonderful little tortellini you only seem to find at a good Italian deli. She was […]