Spiced Carrot Cardamom & Orange Soup

Carrot & cardamom soup with cream

First week back into the swing of  routines should have meant a visit to the dreaded supermarket. Much as I love online shopping, I am terrible at sitting down to order my food. So this week I have been raiding the cupboards and topping up supplies from the local co-op. Not that it has bought […]

Campari & Orange Dazzle Cake

campari & orange cake

We are all born with the same taste buds. But, I am always intrigued by what flavours we develop and grow to love as individuals. Sweet, sour, salt, bitter, savoury.  The fifth, umami, according to some, largely the cheffing fraternity, is THE KILLER TASTEBUD. I see myself as a sour bitter kind of taste. Which […]