Roasted Cauliflower and Pomegranate Salad with a Lemon Anchovy Dressing

Roasted cauliflower collage

This recipe for a simple seasonal salad is a complete revelation to me. I haven’t bought cauliflower for years. Mainly because I cannot abide the smell of the kitchen after it has been boiling. I am very particular about food smells . I also cannot cook quinces because I find their scent revolting and I […]

Home Grown Seasonal Salad with a Mint, Oregano & Lime dressing

Home grown salad

Although this is a fairly simple salad in terms of  ingredients, it is pretty much home grown. Potatoes, mustard leaf, spring onions, mint, oregano and chives all came from either the garden or the allotment. Because of this the flavours seem to come alive. The taste of each ingredient is discernible individually but they come […]

Purple Sprouting Broccoli Salad with a Lemon, Chilli & Garlic Dressing

purple sprouting broccoli salad

This week so far has been hectic to ay the least. Whatsmore it is likely to continue, so I was concerned that I may not get around to posting up a recipe at all. The thing is, I really wanted to. I just enjoy the process of thinking up ideas and putting them  here. It […]

Middle Eastern Carrot Dip with Home Made Flatbreads

Carrot dip & flatbread close up

One of the disadvantages of moving out of London is the lack of  variety in the local restaurants.  I miss the  local Thai (that actually uses proper chilli heat), the Southern Indian food, the Dim Sum and The Persian Restaurants.  There are loads of great gastro pubs, but sometimes you just get a craving for […]

How to cook an easy mid-week vegetable curry

Chickpea & veg curry

I love spice of any kind. It could be in a soup, dessert, biscuit, tagine, curry or tea. If spice features in a recipe, I am highly likely to give it a go. My latest discovery is Chai teabags. Tea with spice in, GREAT! It is now the only cuppa I will drink. Dunked biscuits […]

Allotment update 11 & 12 plus Autumnal gnocchi

Butternut squash & goats cheese gnocchi

The allotment  at long last is nearly cleared! This late burst of sun we have been getting over the last few weekends has done me many favours in terms of getting on with the back breaking hard slog of  clearing the plot. Mr. Scott and myself have really been putting in the hours in a desperate bid to get […]

Harvest festival soup

Autumn Challenge

I love this time of year, particularly as we have such unexpectedly glorious weather in which to celebrate this Autumnal season. Being an allotment holder, I have been interested to learn about what vegetables have been coming in to season by looking at all the well established plots and admiring the wealth of produce on […]

Beryl and the goat’s cheese pizza

goats cheese pizza

I was  sent a package by Capricorn goats cheese of all the ingredients needed to make a pizza . The recipe uses their Somerset goats cheese as a topping as opposed to the traditional mozzarella. The reason being that at the TechnTaste food blogging event I attended,  this Somerset based goats cheese company was asking bloggers to […]

Give us this day, our daily bread

Bread close up

I have recently been getting into baking bread. It all started when I found that the children were getting a bit too used to eating that sliced 50/50 bread and any bread that looked too brown in colour began to get rejected. I thought I had better see if I could remedy this problem by […]

Summer courgette, pea & basil soup with cheese & olive scone tray-bake


As I was at home for the afternoon, I thought it would be a good idea to try out some new foods on the children for lunch and decided to let them get involved with the cooking which always seems to make them more interested in trying out the end results. Although small boy has […]