Chocolate & Cacao Nib Heart Cookies with Lime Cheesecake

choc cheesecake cookies complete

A little something sweet for Valentine’s day. Some will be dining out, others, like me will be eating in. I have reserved my free bottle of Waitrose champagne, thanks to their promotional gift when making your first online order with them. Usually this is accompanied by seafood, I don’t mind what. And something chocolate to […]

Roasted asparagus spring onion chorizo & butter bean salad with a lime chipotle dressing

Asparagus & spring onion salad

There have also been moments when I have thought about the logistics of having our allotment and how much time it takes up, can we do it, is it really worth it???? We all have that dilemma with spreading ourselves too thinly, achieving little, taking on a lot and getting frustrated on a daily basis. […]

Home Grown Seasonal Salad with a Mint, Oregano & Lime dressing

Home grown salad

Although this is a fairly simple salad in terms of  ingredients, it is pretty much home grown. Potatoes, mustard leaf, spring onions, mint, oregano and chives all came from either the garden or the allotment. Because of this the flavours seem to come alive. The taste of each ingredient is discernible individually but they come […]

Chocolate Lime Brownies

Choc lime brownies

I mentioned to Choclette earlier this week how brownies are not my favourite way of eating chocolate (Cake). She seemed most surprised by this! It may stem from the fact that I used to have to make literally dozens and dozens of them while working at The Open Air Theatre as well as providing various London […]

Crab & mango salad

crab & mango salad

Since writing this blog, I find myself looking back to my cheffing past and to all the many places I worked. Each place holds different food memories that have stayed with me. After having to re-create them time and again for lunch and dinner services, many dishes and in fact many ingredients I began to […]