A Gratin of Tomatoes

tomato gratin

With the summer holidays upon us, my ability to both write and photograph blog posts will be limited. Children, at least mine anyway, demand an enormous amount of attention (involving lots of behaviour management). It can be rewarding and frustrating in equal measures. So, keeping this in mind, I will be posting recipes over the […]

Pappardelle with Goat’s Cheese Cream

Pappardelle & goat's cheese

Sometimes the simple things in life can be so pleasing.  Pasta has become a food staple in our house. The children love it. It is quick to prepare and hits the spot in minutes. But, because of this, I have gone off pasta and only make meals with it for me and Mr. Scott when […]

Purple Sprouting Broccoli Salad with a Lemon, Chilli & Garlic Dressing

purple sprouting broccoli salad

This week so far has been hectic to ay the least. Whatsmore it is likely to continue, so I was concerned that I may not get around to posting up a recipe at all. The thing is, I really wanted to. I just enjoy the process of thinking up ideas and putting them  here. It […]

Speedy Supper Dish – My Hunter’s Chicken

My Hunters Chicken

You may have guessed that I love cooking and I do cook every day. I just prefer the taste of home cooked food and I know exactly what ingredients I am using that way. Suppertime is a drag, true, but I think it can often be faster to cook a simple meal from scratch than […]

Middle Eastern Carrot Dip with Home Made Flatbreads

Carrot dip & flatbread close up

One of the disadvantages of moving out of London is the lack of  variety in the local restaurants.  I miss the  local Thai (that actually uses proper chilli heat), the Southern Indian food, the Dim Sum and The Persian Restaurants.  There are loads of great gastro pubs, but sometimes you just get a craving for […]

Spiced Aubergine Apricot & Tomato Chutney

Aubergine chutney main image

It has been a while, last year in fact, since I last made chutney. Once a year, normally around this time I start to feel the need to produce bottles and jars filled with goodies for Christmas. Some are given as presents but lots I like to keep in the house for me and the […]

How to cook an easy mid-week vegetable curry

Chickpea & veg curry

I love spice of any kind. It could be in a soup, dessert, biscuit, tagine, curry or tea. If spice features in a recipe, I am highly likely to give it a go. My latest discovery is Chai teabags. Tea with spice in, GREAT! It is now the only cuppa I will drink. Dunked biscuits […]

Harvest festival soup

Autumn Challenge

I love this time of year, particularly as we have such unexpectedly glorious weather in which to celebrate this Autumnal season. Being an allotment holder, I have been interested to learn about what vegetables have been coming in to season by looking at all the well established plots and admiring the wealth of produce on […]

Tarts for a party


One of my best friends turned 40 over the weekend. We’re  all there now, partied out and coming to terms with being middle aged by dancing the night away and drinking slightly better quality wines with the odd cocktail thrown in to ensure the worst possible hangover. My friend wanted me to do some food for her. […]

Chicken & rice with a kick


The inspiration behind this truly tongue tingling, spicy chicken dish is the cook and food writer Fuchsia Dunlop. She specialises in writing about the food of China and has written books on the subject as well as writng articles for newspapers and magazines. I came across a recipe of hers on her blog, www.fuchsiadunlop.com which I have […]