Easter Toffee Fudge Caramel Traybake

easter toffee traybake slice named

I am off to Nepal for the whole of the Easter holidays, crazy I know. I can hardly believe it myself. So, I decided to bake something in the spirit of Easter, which is bound to be celebrated in quite a different fashion in Nepal, if in fact at all. I have no idea! What […]

Hot Cross Buns with Lemon Rosemary & White Chocolate

lemon rosemary

I am off to spend the rest of the school holidays in Cornwall, which involves eating lots of hot cross buns, Cornish saffron buns, very good ice cream and as much treacle tart and clotted cream as possible. I love this time of year. Flowers, fruits and vegetables budding, growing and flourishing. Everything is awesome! Cornish […]

Hot Cross Bagels

hot cross bagel close up

ays3w2dxsqh This was one of those ideas that popped into my head at a very inconvenient moment. It was late in the day, around 6pm and the children had just eaten and were about to get ready for a bath when I suddenly thought of trying out a hot cross bagel. I knew I would […]

A Giant Hot Cross Bun also known as Fruit Loaf


I did have such good intentions of writing up this post whilst on holiday in Cornwall but I am afraid it just did not happen. What I really should have done is post it on holiday after writing up the draught in advance but I am just not that organised about my blogging. Hence, it’s […]