Chilled Cucumber & Gherkin Soup with a Greek Salad Relish


I had been planning my One Ingredient post and knew exactly what I wanted to make. It’s hot. So hot. And cucumber is cold. Perfect.  A chilled soup of cucumber . Classic, cooling,  refreshing, delicate.  And I would add my twist of a Greek salad garnish. This would be my take on a Gazpacho. Like […]

One ingredient July 2013 – The Cucumber

One Ingredient Cucumber

Here we are deep in mid summer. Having spent a great weekend out in the garden enjoying the bright sunshine my thoughts turned to the One Ingredient challenge for July.  The ingredient I have chosen for this month is something I love to eat and indeed have tried to grow before, although the results were […]

Cucumber & Dill Frozen Greek Yogurt

Cucumber frozen yoghurt full image

I love a challenge. Thinking up new recipes, ideas, flavours and experimenting in the kitchen is something I never tire of. This idea of a savoury flavoured ice may seem strange and I must admit that my limited  online research proved fruitless. Is this because it is something that simply does not appeal or is […]

Chicken & rice with a kick


The inspiration behind this truly tongue tingling, spicy chicken dish is the cook and food writer Fuchsia Dunlop. She specialises in writing about the food of China and has written books on the subject as well as writng articles for newspapers and magazines. I came across a recipe of hers on her blog, which I have […]

Crispy duck pancakes

crispy duck pancakes

I was catering for a friends party this weekend. She was having lots of different canapes and some mini bowl food. The food was eaten and enjoyed and it was interesting to see which of the canapes just disappeared within seconds of serving. You may or may not be surprised to hear that it was […]