Pappardelle with Goat’s Cheese Cream

Pappardelle & goat's cheese

Sometimes the simple things in life can be so pleasing.  Pasta has become a food staple in our house. The children love it. It is quick to prepare and hits the spot in minutes. But, because of this, I have gone off pasta and only make meals with it for me and Mr. Scott when […]

Chilli Chocolate Bread rolls

Chilli & choc bread close up

Thinking about what to enter for the “We should Cocoa” monthly challenge , it did not take me too long to decide what to come up with as my entry. The ingredient this month is chilli. Having to create a recipe which combines chocolate and chilli  is my idea of heaven. The “We Should Cocoa” monthly […]

Foolproof cake sale favourites- chocolate coated rice krispie cakes

chocolate coated rice krispie cake

Tomorrow is the first of the term’s infant school cake sale, followed closely by my other girl’s Junior school cake sale. I am helping out on the cake stall, so thought I would let you into a little recipe  I know and love to cook. I do it every cake sale without fail. It’s from the […]

Allotment update 11 & 12 plus Autumnal gnocchi

Butternut squash & goats cheese gnocchi

The allotment  at long last is nearly cleared! This late burst of sun we have been getting over the last few weekends has done me many favours in terms of getting on with the back breaking hard slog of  clearing the plot. Mr. Scott and myself have really been putting in the hours in a desperate bid to get […]

Cherry almond & polenta crumble cake

cherry crumble cake close up

I  came up with the idea for this cake as my entry to the  Simple and in Season monthly blogging event over at Ren Behan’s Fabulicious Food. July for  me,  is when I love to both cook with and eat all the delicious fruits that are readily available and at their best. I struggled […]

Chocolate, cherry & kirsch mousse with toasted almonds

choc cherry kirsch mousse

This recipe is my first entry into Maison Cupcake’s  “Forever Nigella” monthly recipe competition  The idea is that you pick a Nigella recipe, which have different monthly themes, and adapt it slightly to suit your tastes, then enter it into a monthly recipe challenge. This month the Forever Nigella challenge is titled ” Iced dreams “. […]

Summer courgette, pea & basil soup with cheese & olive scone tray-bake


As I was at home for the afternoon, I thought it would be a good idea to try out some new foods on the children for lunch and decided to let them get involved with the cooking which always seems to make them more interested in trying out the end results. Although small boy has […]

Breakfast in Bread

Breakfast in bread

A couple of years ago, I came back from a child free weekend (with Mr.Scott) in Zurich with two new dishes to post. The first recipe was a  SCHNITZEL. The second was a total revelation to me. I thought I had seen it all, until the friends we were staying with produced this most wonderful […]

Cornish crab

crab close up

                          As I am spending a large part of the Easter holidays in Cornwall, I thought I should do some justice to some of the finest local produce that Cornwall has to offer. One of my favourite ever ingredients is crab and luckily […]