Roasted Mediterranean Vegetable & Feta Lasagne

feta lasagne

Sometimes I think there is no better comfort food than lasagne. Lasagne has got it all. Layers of soft pasta, a rich meaty ragu and lashings of smooth and silky béchamel all topped off with a crisp, salty cheese laden crust. And it was Garfield’s favourite food too.   The only problem I have with […]

Japanese Pancakes – Okonomiyaki

japanese pancakes

Have you ever tried Japanese pancakes? Okonomiyaki. Well I hadn’t until yesterday when I decided I must try out the pancake mix bought from this Japanese supermarket by Mr.Scott along with a few other treats recently. Okonomiyaki are savoury Japanese pancakes which are griddlled on a hot plate. Okonomiyaki translates as “anything you like, cooked”. […]

Spring Vegetable Broth

spring vegetable soup by How to cook good food

After a week of Cornish food, I have found myself eating lots of lighter foods this week. Less cream and chocolate and more vegetables and salad. After a quick trip to the allotment, I was presented with some fat leeks,crisp spring onions and a bunch of colourful rainbow chard. The chard I tend to fry […]

A Farewell To Summer Soup

Farewell to summer soup

I have definitely written my soup double bill in the wrong order. I was hoping that this week would see the return of the sun which would make this post so much more timely than it really is. My PREVIOUS soup welcomed the beginning of Autumn, whereas this soup is supposed to say farewell to […]

Moroccan Style Spiced Chickpea & Tomato Soup


I have managed to create two fantastic soups this week out of a need to use up some bits and pieces that have been lurking in both fridge and freezer, the first of which will feature in this post, closely followed by soup number two next week. It must be the onset of Autumn, the […]

A quick summer salad idea

summer salad

Before I take a summer blog break I couldn’t resist sharing with you a quick summer salad idea that I put together this evening out of necessity to use up the first of the allotment grown round courgettes. I had three to use up but in the end plumped for creating a salad using the […]

Chilled Cucumber & Gherkin Soup with a Greek Salad Relish


I had been planning my One Ingredient post and knew exactly what I wanted to make. It’s hot. So hot. And cucumber is cold. Perfect.  A chilled soup of cucumber . Classic, cooling,  refreshing, delicate.  And I would add my twist of a Greek salad garnish. This would be my take on a Gazpacho. Like […]

For the love of Chard


This recipe came about from the  need to use up the biggest sack of Rainbow Chard I have ever seen. The never ending bag. No matter I how much I used , it just kept expanding and doubling up while I wasn’t looking, I’m sure of it. That’s what happens with allotments. Gluts. So, I […]

Roasted asparagus spring onion chorizo & butter bean salad with a lime chipotle dressing

Asparagus & spring onion salad

There have also been moments when I have thought about the logistics of having our allotment and how much time it takes up, can we do it, is it really worth it???? We all have that dilemma with spreading ourselves too thinly, achieving little, taking on a lot and getting frustrated on a daily basis. […]

Onion Cider & Double Cheddar Soup

Onion & cider soup side shot

I always seem to have a tub of Cheddar that I have grated for the purposes of a cookery class in the fridge. Making cheese scones, breads, pizzas, wraps and biscuits means I need to have a steady supply of the stuff in my fridge and it  often sits there looking at me, urging me […]