How to cook good food in France


This is a misleading title for a post in some ways. You may be expecting me to rave and rant about how superb the foie gras (in every form) is, and the confit de canard that I had simmering away for hours in oil with a truffle infusion or how about the complex terrine of […]

The firepit-what a way to cook!


It was the guest book that mentioned it, the firepit. We have stayed at this house for the past three years, but no mention was made of it until now. We knew we had to find it and we did. It was just next to where the garden borders a neighbouring farmer’s cornfield. It was also in […]

Life’s simple pleasures


Sometimes the simple things in life are the best. Like spending your days sitting in the garden with a good book or lying on the beach with that same good book. The only reason to disturb this peace and tranquility (apart from the odd childrens squabble) is to have to think about what to eat for lunch […]