Elderflower Madeleines

elderflower madeleines

One of my favourite things to bake at the moment is Madeleines. Little delicate sponges that have a firm yet light consistency. They are based on what looks more like a batter than a sponge mixture. And a little mixture goes a very long way. They can be flavoured in a number of ways but […]

Hot Cross Buns with Lemon Rosemary & White Chocolate

lemon rosemary

I am off to spend the rest of the school holidays in Cornwall, which involves eating lots of hot cross buns, Cornish saffron buns, very good ice cream and as much treacle tart and clotted cream as possible. I love this time of year. Flowers, fruits and vegetables budding, growing and flourishing. Everything is awesome! Cornish […]

Chocolate Pear & Hazelnut Tart with a Salted Chocolate Caramel Sauce

hazelnut tart

Here is a recipe that I put together in a last minute rush before I head off for a weekend in Cannes. I was thinking of France when I came up with the idea for this tart. France is where I go to revel in Patisserie. I love pastry. Both the making and the eating […]

Oat, Date & Pecan Breakfast Loaf

pecan breakfast loaf

Breakfast in our house follows much the same pattern for us all. It consists of cereal and toast. Very predictable I know. This is all down to the time constraints of getting me and my 3 children out of the house by exactly 8.25. Not too early, I agree. But, no matter what time I […]

Caramelised Pear & Salted Butterscotch Pancakes

salted butterscotch pancakes

Pancake Day/Shrove Tuesday is nearly upon us. It’s this Tuesday, the 4th of March. After my recent American Pancake recipe, I find myself creating another pancake dish for Asda. In our house there has proved to be a definite parent/child divide regarding pancakes. Us parents are in love with the American style but the three […]

Chocolate & Cacao Nib Heart Cookies with Lime Cheesecake

choc cheesecake cookies complete

A little something sweet for Valentine’s day. Some will be dining out, others, like me will be eating in. I have reserved my free bottle of Waitrose champagne, thanks to their promotional gift when making your first online order with them. Usually this is accompanied by seafood, I don’t mind what. And something chocolate to […]

Spiced Stollen Tray Bake

spiced stollen tray bake

I told myself that this was going to be the year when I finally made a loaf of Stollen. But, here we are. Just a few days to go until the big “C”. Have I made that loaf yet? Nope. I also really wanted to make a tray of mini Stollen bites, with the idea […]

Courgette Lemon & Lavender Cupcakes and The Cake & Bake Show


I decided to combine a little review of the Cake & Bake (London) show with a cupcake recipe. I don’t think, in the 2 & 1/2 years I have been writing this blog , I have ever posted a cupcake recipe. Probably because there are so many excellent sweet bakers far more capable than me […]

One Ingredient Cucumber Round Up & An Allotment Berry Galette with Spelt Cinnamon Pastry


This is a two in one post for you to enjoy. It combines the One Ingredient Cucumber Round-Up as well as a new bake from me. How does an allotment berry galette with cinnamon spelt pastry sound?  Both Nazima and I took the month of August off from hosting the One Ingredient blogging challenge but […]

Raspberry Chocolate & Almond Tartlets


I am not the most styled of food blogs. Food styling, props, good composition, angles and lighting are all so beautiful to behold but  I just don’t have the time to devote to it. Hence my food shots are usually simple, featuring the said dish, usually on a white plate with no extras.  This time, […]