Spiced Honey Roast Squash,Chorizo, Prawn & Feta Salad

honey roast squash

Every now and then I get parcels of food products through the post to review. Sometimes there are enough of the  good ones to warrant me doing a monthly “Food News & Reviews” feature. I am mindful that I don’t want my blog to become known for reviews alone. Recipes are what I love to […]

Ideas for Smoked Salmon

Smoked salmon pancakes

A couple of weeks ago I was sent some MacGilvray Scottish Smoked Salmon by The Handpicked Food Store. Seeing as it is so close to Christmas, I think this is the perfect chance for me to show you some smoked salmon recipe ideas using this mighty fine smoked salmon. I know a little bit about […]

Crab & mango salad

crab & mango salad

Since writing this blog, I find myself looking back to my cheffing past and to all the many places I worked. Each place holds different food memories that have stayed with me. After having to re-create them time and again for lunch and dinner services, many dishes and in fact many ingredients I began to […]

Chilli crab linguine

Chilli Crab Linguini

  Chilli crab linguine was the first dish I tried to cook from the River Cafe cookbook when it first came out. I did eat there a couple of times a few years ago and one of the starters I had was griddled squid with chilli, lemon & rocket. So I knew those flavours would […]

Cornish crab

crab close up

                          As I am spending a large part of the Easter holidays in Cornwall, I thought I should do some justice to some of the finest local produce that Cornwall has to offer. One of my favourite ever ingredients is crab and luckily […]