Christmas with Waitrose

Christmas with Waitrose

Christmas lunch is a once only affair in our house. I love it but have no desire to recreate it on any other day of the year. Apart from now, that is. Waitrose got in touch to see if I would like to try out their new Interactive Meal Planner and maybe a bottle or […]

Japanese style marinaded pork-Celebrating 20 years of Freedom Food

marinaded pork

As part of the celebrating 20 years of Freedom Food campaign I was asked by Sainsbury’s to visit a Freedom Food pig farm and to create a recipe to illustrate how tasty our higher welfare outdoor reared British pork can be. How did they know that pork is my favourite meat? It really is. Think […]

Smoky Black Bean & Chorizo Soup

chorizo soup

Arriving back from a summer holiday is never easy. One of the best things about being in France  is being able to buy fruit that is ripened to perfection and proudly displayed in crates, artistic piles or in wicker baskets. On arriving back in the UK I was let down as usual when I decided […]

An introduction to Korean Foods & Korean Fried Chicken

Korean fried chicken

An interview with Dan Suh, MD of Korea Foods.   How long have you been MD of Korea Foods? I originally joined Korea Foods in 2001 but left in 2006 to gain further experience and to expand my knowledge with food manufacturing and sports marketing. This provided me with a better understanding of consumer needs. […]

Leftover Lunches-Roasted Pork & Aubergine Noodle Salad with Ginger Dressing

pork & aubergine noodle salad

This may sound strange, but I have never had an office based job which involves having to go out and buy my own lunch. I have always worked in the food industry so my lunches have always been provided for.  There is an exception to that rule, dating back to my late teen years when […]

A Simple Roast

Roast chicken dinner polaroid

What’s not to love about a good old British roast? To me, it represents what family is all about. Sharing a big meal, with a comfort pud to follow makes for a pretty special part of the week. Sitting down together as a family is hard to achieve in our household. I work, my husband […]

Spanish Pork Ragu

Spanish pork ragu close up

I have made this recipe for a pork ragu before for my family but the last time I made it I adapted it to become a Spanish pork ragu. There are flavours in the sauce that I associate with Spanish cooking and I happened to  have a small bottle of dry Sherry in the fridge […]

A Chicken Kebab with Home-Made Chilli Sauce

chicken kebab

I came to kebabs in my late teens and was lucky enough to be introduced to them in what is still my absolute favourite place to eat them, Maroush. An Iranian friend used to drive up there, always very late at night. The only dilemma would be whether to have the lamb or the chicken. […]

A Visit To Helen Browning’s Organic Farm

Eastbrook Farm pig

Last week I made a trip to an organic farm. It  was everything and more that a farm should be. Helen Browning OBE, chief exec of the Soil Association has been running Eastbrook Farm for 25 years. I am both amazed and inspired at just how much she has achieved given that when she started […]

Mexican Slow Cooked Pork Belly with Annatto/Achiote

Mexican pork belly with Annatto

You may be aware that I am a huge fan of anything chilli. I love it in any shape or form and can be found using it in (nearly) all that I cook. Sadly, my three children have not yet developed a taste for anything that includes heat and are even wary of black pepper […]