Leftover Lunches-Roasted Pork & Aubergine Noodle Salad with Ginger Dressing

pork & aubergine noodle salad

This may sound strange, but I have never had an office based job which involves having to go out and buy my own lunch. I have always worked in the food industry so my lunches have always been provided for.  There is an exception to that rule, dating back to my late teen years when […]

Spiced Honey Roast Squash,Chorizo, Prawn & Feta Salad

honey roast squash

Every now and then I get parcels of food products through the post to review. Sometimes there are enough of the  good ones to warrant me doing a monthly “Food News & Reviews” feature. I am mindful that I don’t want my blog to become known for reviews alone. Recipes are what I love to […]

A Simple Roast

Roast chicken dinner polaroid

What’s not to love about a good old British roast? To me, it represents what family is all about. Sharing a big meal, with a comfort pud to follow makes for a pretty special part of the week. Sitting down together as a family is hard to achieve in our household. I work, my husband […]

A Farewell To Summer Soup

Farewell to summer soup

I have definitely written my soup double bill in the wrong order. I was hoping that this week would see the return of the sun which would make this post so much more timely than it really is. My PREVIOUS soup welcomed the beginning of Autumn, whereas this soup is supposed to say farewell to […]

Moroccan Style Spiced Chickpea & Tomato Soup


I have managed to create two fantastic soups this week out of a need to use up some bits and pieces that have been lurking in both fridge and freezer, the first of which will feature in this post, closely followed by soup number two next week. It must be the onset of Autumn, the […]

French Seafood & A Summer Spaghetti Vongole


France yet again has proved to be the perfect destination to satisfy all of my seafood cravings. Even better, this year included more oysters, mussels, crevettes, sea snails, shrimps and clams. The Arcachon basin is simply alive with some of the best seafood I have ever eaten and we will be returning there next year […]

Summer BBQ Pizza Party

bbq pizza

How good has this summer been so far? Superb I think. The amount of long sunny days spent in the garden, not having to be in the house at all. Eating outside at the picnic table whilst enjoying many a summer BBQ and the joys of  grilling foods out of doors because it is just […]

For the love of Chard


This recipe came about from the  need to use up the biggest sack of Rainbow Chard I have ever seen. The never ending bag. No matter I how much I used , it just kept expanding and doubling up while I wasn’t looking, I’m sure of it. That’s what happens with allotments. Gluts. So, I […]

Roasted asparagus spring onion chorizo & butter bean salad with a lime chipotle dressing

Asparagus & spring onion salad

There have also been moments when I have thought about the logistics of having our allotment and how much time it takes up, can we do it, is it really worth it???? We all have that dilemma with spreading ourselves too thinly, achieving little, taking on a lot and getting frustrated on a daily basis. […]

Spaghetti with Lemon Basil & Chilli

Lemon chilli basil pasta

I was thinking recently about how I have really gone off pasta since having children. As much as I applaud it in every form and celebrate the fact I could happily feed it to my children every day after school by alternating shape and sauce, I do find myself cooking something totally different for me […]