Fig & Honey Ice Cream

honey ice cream

Because I am still finding it hard to adjust to being back at home after my summer holiday, I thought it would be good to try and re-create one of the ice creams I particularly enjoyed this year in France. Each night after dinner we would all stroll down to the ice cream kiosk for […]

Apricot Honey & Lavender Ice Cream

lavender ice cream

Before I head off to France, I wanted to tell you about a super speedy ice cream discovery. I have  just received a Froothie blender so I thought I would christen it by creating an ice cream inspired by the flavours of France. There are several fruits I relish eating when in France. Greengages, peaches, […]

Frozen Zabaglione Tiramisu

Zabaglione Tiramisu

This is an idea for a frozen dessert that combines flavours that I love, coffee and Marsala wine. It would make a perfect alternative pudding for Christmas. I would describe it as a frozen Tiramisu, layering Savoiardi biscuits (sponge fingers) with Zabaglione flavoured ice cream. I can assure you , it is insanely good. Please […]

Cucumber & Dill Frozen Greek Yogurt

Cucumber frozen yoghurt full image

I love a challenge. Thinking up new recipes, ideas, flavours and experimenting in the kitchen is something I never tire of. This idea of a savoury flavoured ice may seem strange and I must admit that my limited  online research proved fruitless. Is this because it is something that simply does not appeal or is […]

Roasted Plum Strawberry & Five Spice Ice Cream

roast plum ice  ream

When I read Kavey’s latest ICE CREAM POST, I was inspired to get using my very own ice cream maker again after reading all about her Sichuan pepper flavoured ice cream. The theme this month is “Spices”. This should be easy for me, considering my undying love of all spices. In fact, I struggled because […]

Banana Shake Pops

Banana Shake pops

This is a very brief post which I really wanted to add before heading off to France. It is a flavour of ice lolly that I remember absolutely loving as a kid. But, don’t ask me what it used to be called. I simply can’t remember. Er…….banana shake pop??? All I can remember is that […]

Tea and Biscuits Ice Cream

tea &  biscuits

Summer is finally here……hooray. That gives me the perfect excuse to knock up a batch of ice cream. Not just any old ice cream, no way! I have had in my mind the idea of making a chai spiced cookie because I love chai spiced tea. Then I thought about it and tea of any […]

Strawberry & Elderflower Ice Cream

strawberry & elderflower ice cream

Here we are in June, my second favourite month of the year (after May) but I have been  struggling to get into the summer season. The weather has been ridiculous……..and not in a good way. Are we in for a truly  soggy summer, who knows?  The garden and the allotment seem to enjoy this rainy […]

White Chocolate Saffron & Cardamom Sorbet With Candied Walnuts

White choc sorbet

I do happen to like white chocolate. It’s probably down to fond memories of the milky bar kid. It’s buttery and fatty, ever so greasy with a hint of custard to it so whether this is a good or a bad thing, I am rather fond of it. So I thought making  white chocolate sorbet […]

Lemon & Ginger Sorbet

Lemon & Ginger Sorbet

It was my birthday on Tuesday and I have been very busy celebrating with various friends, and of course my lovely family. And guess what they all gave me? A very super duper ice cream maker. I am overjoyed to receive it and I have for you here my very first creation….. Now I knew […]