10 ways to spice up your Christmas by Just Ingredients

christmas by just ingredients

Have you heard of Just Ingredients? They are an online company who deliver good quality herbs and spices straight to your door. Last year they sent me over a whole selection of Christmas spices which I have enjoyed using throughout the year in both sweet and savoury dishes as well as in my chutneys, mulled […]

A Masterclass with Marco Pierre White for Lean on Turkey


A few weeks ago, I ate my first Christmas lunch of the year, cooked by Marco Pierre White. Not a bad way to spend a day. Eating festive food, drinking good wine and chatting to blogging friends whilst picking up top turkey tips from one of Britain’s most talented chefs.  The masterclass was organised by […]

A Food Photography Class with David Griffen

food photography

I thought I would share with you some of the food photography tips I learned by attending a workshop taught by David Griffen. It was held at the Google headquarters in London in association with Great British Chefs. Marcus Wareing provided all the food that we were going to both photograph and eat. He also […]

My Top Blogging Tips from Food Blogger Connect 5

food blogger connect 5

I remember thinking about how I wished I had gone to Food Blogger Connect last year and what I really wanted when I visited the bloggers sites that had attended wasn’t really the whole detailed description about the food, who they met or even what they ate. I wanted to know what they had learned. […]

A Simple Summer Dessert & Baking Tips

summer berry cobbler

I have been asked by Most Wanted to come up with an inspiring summer dessert recipe that would be perfect for  sharing as well as being economical. The aim is to show you that making your own puddings can be both cheaper and easier than you might have realised.  The brief is part of Most Wanted’s “Making […]

Olives From Spain & My Olive Marinades

Thai style olives

This week I have been sent a hamper by OLIVES FROM SPAIN with the idea of creating one or more marinades perfectly suited  to flavour their olives.  The winning olive marinade will be featured on their Facebook page HERE. Before I tell you about my marinades, I should just say that since a very young […]

Mini Courgette Loaf Cakes- Lunchbox Idea

courgette loaf cakes

It’s with mixed feelings that I am writing this post. Partly because there have been days when I began to doubt that this day would ever come. Having three children very close together (3 under 3 & 1/2 at one point) is a challenge to say the least. I have had many highs and lows […]

How to cook good food in France


This is a misleading title for a post in some ways. You may be expecting me to rave and rant about how superb the foie gras (in every form) is, and the confit de canard that I had simmering away for hours in oil with a truffle infusion or how about the complex terrine of […]

Edible Christmas Tree Decorations

tree decorations

Would you believe it.The last week of term and the homework for my Year1 girl was to make a Christmas Tree decoration to add to the class Christmas tree. Now, I know I didn’t HAVE to do it and I am sure  many other parents didn’t, what with everything else going on. But, I thought […]

Posh pickled onions for a gift

Posh pickled onions close up

I have a special liking for all things pickle.  I have always, for as long as I can remember eaten gherkins, capers, onions, cornichons and olives by the jar full. So I guess my sour taste buds are fully functioning! I was the child who tried to steal everyone’s gherkin from their burger and who […]