Spiced Pumpkin Blondies

spiced pumpkin blondies

There are so many recipes featuring pumpkin that I want to try at the moment. I keep finding myself bookmarking recipes galore. Most of the time I like to create my own bakes from scratch but when I am really pressed for time as I am this week, I just want to bake something new, […]

Raspberry Fig & Pistachio Cake

raspberry fig

There are some days when I really crave something sweet. Making a cake is not always the answer as it offers so much temptation and it is all too easy to eat more than just one slice. But then you see a cake like THIS ONE by David Tanis and you know you just have […]

Apricot Honey & Lavender Ice Cream

lavender ice cream

Before I head off to France, I wanted to tell you about a super speedy ice cream discovery. I have  just received a Froothie blender so I thought I would christen it by creating an ice cream inspired by the flavours of France. There are several fruits I relish eating when in France. Greengages, peaches, […]

Raspberry Cranachan Ice cream

raspberry cranachan ice cream

I thought it was about time I fired up my ice cream machine again. It has been far too long in hibernation. I had no problem at all with making my ice cream by hand until last year when I was given a super smart Italian ice cream machine. I have noticed a difference in […]

Elderflower Madeleines

elderflower madeleines

One of my favourite things to bake at the moment is Madeleines. Little delicate sponges that have a firm yet light consistency. They are based on what looks more like a batter than a sponge mixture. And a little mixture goes a very long way. They can be flavoured in a number of ways but […]

Chocolate Pear & Hazelnut Tart with a Salted Chocolate Caramel Sauce

hazelnut tart

Here is a recipe that I put together in a last minute rush before I head off for a weekend in Cannes. I was thinking of France when I came up with the idea for this tart. France is where I go to revel in Patisserie. I love pastry. Both the making and the eating […]

Caramelised Pear & Salted Butterscotch Pancakes

salted butterscotch pancakes

Pancake Day/Shrove Tuesday is nearly upon us. It’s this Tuesday, the 4th of March. After my recent American Pancake recipe, I find myself creating another pancake dish for Asda. In our house there has proved to be a definite parent/child divide regarding pancakes. Us parents are in love with the American style but the three […]

Christmas Trifle

christmas trifle

I have now successfully finished off all of last year’s Christmas cake in this Christmas trifle that I have concocted. It is a trifle packed full of all the flavours I associate with this time of the year and I think it would make a perfect alternative to the Christmas pudding. It’s lighter, fruity yet […]

Christmas Cake Tarts – An alternative to Mince Pies

christmas cake tarts

I am always looking for ways to use up leftovers. Due to the excessive amount of Christmas cakes I have been making for my cookery lessons I have ended up with coupe of half eaten fruit cakes. One is last year’s vintage and one that was made just a few weeks ago. Both cakes are […]

Baked plums with a Ginger and Almond Topping

Baked plums in tin named

Plums are everywhere at the moment. Bargains to be had at the market. Heavily laden trees at the allotment and neighbours offering us as many as I would like to take. I am keen to plant a greengage tree, the colour and taste of this beautiful fruit is something I love to enjoy in France […]