Gluten Free Coconut & Raspberry Pancakes

raspberry pancakes

I have finally cracked. I just had to experiment with a gluten free bake. I am not intending to become gluten free nor am I gluten intolerant but I have been reading so many interesting posts/articles/features over the last month or so that I just had to give it a go for myself. For research […]

Spiced Cranberry & Clementine Smoothie

clementine smoothie

I have been experimenting recently with winter smoothies. As the weather turns chilly, I don’t find myself  in the mood for slurping a cool fruity drink. So, I have remedied that by creating a spiced cranberry and clementine smoothie, made using my Froothie, flavoured with cinnamon and vanilla powders. The warmth of the spices blends […]

Smoked Salmon Avocado & Dill Tartine

smoked salmon tartine single

Here is a simple little dish that was inspired by an evening spent enjoying the delights of Norwegian food cooked by Signe Johansen. My smorbrod (Scandinavian style open sandwich) or Tartine (French open sandwich)) as I like to call it, is something that hardly qualifies as a recipe but is more a collection of Scandi […]

Tofu Choco Breakfast Shake

tofu choco breakfast shake

I love chocolate and I love tofu. Would you have thought about trying the two together?  This tofu choco breakfast shake is the result of my latest purchase. Silken Tofu. I rarely find a food that I do not like. But don’t cook me parsnips. Eurggghhh. Groooossssss. What I have realised over time is that […]

Iced Raspberry Banana Flapjacks

iced raspberry banana flapjacks

Here is an idea for a flapjack that came to me when I was buying some of those breakfast cereal bars for after school snacks. You know the ones? Oats and dried fruits topped with a yoghurt icing. Children love them and they fit comfortably into the school bag and serve a purpose of being […]

Autumn Breakfast Smoothie

autumn breakfast smoothie

Although I do love summer and always wish it lasted for longer, the fruit harvest available in the Autumn months compensates for the cooling of the weather. Pears, damsons, Autumn raspberries and figs are perfect for pies, crumbles, jams, jellies and tarts. Then we also have the classic combination of blackberry and apple. What I […]

Hot Cross Buns with Lemon Rosemary & White Chocolate

lemon rosemary

I am off to spend the rest of the school holidays in Cornwall, which involves eating lots of hot cross buns, Cornish saffron buns, very good ice cream and as much treacle tart and clotted cream as possible. I love this time of year. Flowers, fruits and vegetables budding, growing and flourishing. Everything is awesome! Cornish […]

Oat, Date & Pecan Breakfast Loaf

pecan breakfast loaf

Breakfast in our house follows much the same pattern for us all. It consists of cereal and toast. Very predictable I know. This is all down to the time constraints of getting me and my 3 children out of the house by exactly 8.25. Not too early, I agree. But, no matter what time I […]

American Style Banana Pancakes with Bacon

American pancakes 2nd batch

Pancake day aka Shrove Tuesday is nearly upon us. Next week in fact. Our regular choice of pancake is the classic French style crepe. Thin, lightly crisp and brown around the edges and dusted, or in the case of the children, drenched in granulated sugar (for crunch) and fresh lemon.  But this year, I may […]

Simple Rye Soda Bread Rolls

rye soda bread

If ever there was a reason to make your own bread then said bread has got to be it. It is no knead, no yeast and pretty much an instant loaf. A loaf  of measuring ingredients, putting them into a bowl, stirring and slapping onto a baking tray to bake.  My love of soda derives […]