Chocolate & Cacao Nib Heart Cookies with Lime Cheesecake

choc cheesecake cookies complete

A little something sweet for Valentine’s day. Some will be dining out, others, like me will be eating in. I have reserved my free bottle of Waitrose champagne, thanks to their promotional gift when making your first online order with them. Usually this is accompanied by seafood, I don’t mind what. And something chocolate to […]

Lavender Poached Rhubarb with Ginger Custard Cream


Work has begun again down at the allotment. It has been a long time coming and it did get to the point where I questioned whether it really was possible to fit the allotment in to our ever increasingly busy lives.  There is nothing remotley relaxing about owning an allotment. In reality, whenever I (& […]

Easter Gingerbread House

Gingerbread house

After the success I had making my first ever gingerbread house last Christmas (HERE) I thought I should have another try. So, here is my Easter Gingerbread House. Or rather village.  As the children were having an Easter parade at school I thought it would be a good idea to make some mini gingerbread houses […]

A Gingerbread House for Christmas

Gingerbread house 2012 close up

                    How many years have passed with me saying this is the year I am going to make a Gingerbread House, only for it never to come to fruition. Well, finally, here it is. In full pastel hued glory.  I will just tell you that if […]

A Halloween Cake Sale

Spiderweb cupcakes

A while ago me and my children decided to try holding a cake/garage sale. Halloween seemed like a good time to do this, especially seeing as this year it falls in the half term week. I have never taken the children trick or treating before but now the children are that bit older there is […]

Oaty Digestive Biscuits – A Lunchbox Idea

Oaty digestives

I have found myself baking rather alot recently. Maybe it is the change of weather. Being a summer season lover, I am already mourning the heat I experienced in France this year. The trouble with baking lots  means you eats lots of it too.  The result of which is that I have now started to […]

Tea and Biscuits Ice Cream

tea &  biscuits

Summer is finally here……hooray. That gives me the perfect excuse to knock up a batch of ice cream. Not just any old ice cream, no way! I have had in my mind the idea of making a chai spiced cookie because I love chai spiced tea. Then I thought about it and tea of any […]

Sweet Bitesize Bakes and a Bake Swap

Bake Swap by LauraLovesCakes

Last week was a baking bonanza. Not only was it my middle daughter’s 6th birthday but also the deadline for sending my Bake Swap to my selected partner, Laura at LauraLovesCakes. I managed to get all my baking done with the idea of photographing the end results on the Saturday morning before the party. But, […]

Rose Petal Shortbread

Rose petal shortbread slice

Having been very taken with my little bottle of Rose extract, I can now safely say I am hooked on all things floral when it comes to baking. I think it’s the smell that draws me in and the taste is somehow quite exotic . It is definitely a case of being subtle with your […]

Edible Christmas Tree Decorations

tree decorations

Would you believe it.The last week of term and the homework for my Year1 girl was to make a Christmas Tree decoration to add to the class Christmas tree. Now, I know I didn’t HAVE to do it and I am sure  many other parents didn’t, what with everything else going on. But, I thought […]