Stollen Biscuit Bites

stollen biscuit bites

If you are looking for a last minute edible gift to give to someone then you might like my stollen biscuit bites. Simple enough to make and far too easy to eat, my bite sized biscuits with the flavours of stollen make the perfect edible Christmas gift. This is a biscuit recipe that can make […]

Halloween Pumpkin Cookies

halloween pumpkin cookies

Happy Halloween! I have just baked some low sugar, lightly spiced Halloween Pumkpin Cookies this morning splattered with vivid orange icing. For real gore fanatics, you might want to try bright red glace icing instead.  These cookies include mashed pumpkin but any type of squash would work. They have a light crumbly texture and are […]

Chocolate & Cacao Nib Heart Cookies with Lime Cheesecake

choc cheesecake cookies complete

A little something sweet for Valentine’s day. Some will be dining out, others, like me will be eating in. I have reserved my free bottle of Waitrose champagne, thanks to their promotional gift when making your first online order with them. Usually this is accompanied by seafood, I don’t mind what. And something chocolate to […]

Lavender Poached Rhubarb with Ginger Custard Cream


Work has begun again down at the allotment. It has been a long time coming and it did get to the point where I questioned whether it really was possible to fit the allotment in to our ever increasingly busy lives.  There is nothing remotley relaxing about owning an allotment. In reality, whenever I (& […]

Easter Gingerbread House

Gingerbread house

After the success I had making my first ever gingerbread house last Christmas (HERE) I thought I should have another try. So, here is my Easter Gingerbread House. Or rather village.  As the children were having an Easter parade at school I thought it would be a good idea to make some mini gingerbread houses […]

A Gingerbread House for Christmas

Gingerbread house 2012 close up

                    How many years have passed with me saying this is the year I am going to make a Gingerbread House, only for it never to come to fruition. Well, finally, here it is. In full pastel hued glory.  I will just tell you that if […]

A Halloween Cake Sale

Spiderweb cupcakes

A while ago me and my children decided to try holding a cake/garage sale. Halloween seemed like a good time to do this, especially seeing as this year it falls in the half term week. I have never taken the children trick or treating before but now the children are that bit older there is […]

Oaty Digestive Biscuits – A Lunchbox Idea

Oaty digestives

I have found myself baking rather alot recently. Maybe it is the change of weather. Being a summer season lover, I am already mourning the heat I experienced in France this year. The trouble with baking lots  means you eats lots of it too.  The result of which is that I have now started to […]

Tea and Biscuits Ice Cream

tea &  biscuits

Summer is finally here……hooray. That gives me the perfect excuse to knock up a batch of ice cream. Not just any old ice cream, no way! I have had in my mind the idea of making a chai spiced cookie because I love chai spiced tea. Then I thought about it and tea of any […]

Sweet Bitesize Bakes and a Bake Swap

Bake Swap by LauraLovesCakes

Last week was a baking bonanza. Not only was it my middle daughter’s 6th birthday but also the deadline for sending my Bake Swap to my selected partner, Laura at LauraLovesCakes. I managed to get all my baking done with the idea of photographing the end results on the Saturday morning before the party. But, […]