One Ingredient Cucumber Round Up & An Allotment Berry Galette with Spelt Cinnamon Pastry


This is a two in one post for you to enjoy. It combines the One Ingredient Cucumber Round-Up as well as a new bake from me. How does an allotment berry galette with cinnamon spelt pastry sound?  Both Nazima and I took the month of August off from hosting the One Ingredient blogging challenge but […]

A quick summer salad idea

summer salad

Before I take a summer blog break I couldn’t resist sharing with you a quick summer salad idea that I put together this evening out of necessity to use up the first of the allotment grown round courgettes. I had three to use up but in the end plumped for creating a salad using the […]

For the love of Chard


This recipe came about from the  need to use up the biggest sack of Rainbow Chard I have ever seen. The never ending bag. No matter I how much I used , it just kept expanding and doubling up while I wasn’t looking, I’m sure of it. That’s what happens with allotments. Gluts. So, I […]

Roasted asparagus spring onion chorizo & butter bean salad with a lime chipotle dressing

Asparagus & spring onion salad

There have also been moments when I have thought about the logistics of having our allotment and how much time it takes up, can we do it, is it really worth it???? We all have that dilemma with spreading ourselves too thinly, achieving little, taking on a lot and getting frustrated on a daily basis. […]

Thai style Squash Noodle & Spinach soup

Thai pumpkin noodle soup

Although things are significantly slowing down at the allotment, we have planted some perpetual spinach and rainbow chard which may well take us through until next year. It certainly keeps replacing itself in a vary pleasing manner. All I am doing is snipping away and a week or two later, back it is again. I […]

Spring Onion Pancakes with Crunchy Sweet Chilli Dipping sauce

Spring onion pancakes

Our allotment is beginning to produce some goodies for us. We have been enjoying the purple sprouting broccoli over the last few weeks and now we are into the spring onions. Both vegetables have required virtually no help from us. The recent rain has been plentiful which should have encouraged the slugs to come and […]

Allotment update 11 & 12 plus Autumnal gnocchi

Butternut squash & goats cheese gnocchi

The allotment  at long last is nearly cleared! This late burst of sun we have been getting over the last few weekends has done me many favours in terms of getting on with the back breaking hard slog of  clearing the plot. Mr. Scott and myself have really been putting in the hours in a desperate bid to get […]

Allotment update. Visits 6 to 10.

Robin at the allotment

The allotment got a little nelected over the summer. What with a fortnight in France, followed by two very busy weekends, the first visit back proved disappointing. The problem was the slugs. They had managed to eat their way through every single chilli, marigold, carrot and onion seedling plant. It was always going to happen […]

Allotment update 4 & 5

allotment visit 4&5

After a little break, it was back to work last weekend at the allotment and what fine weather there was. Perfect Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning digging over yet more weed laden soil, but this time the cleared patch got planted !  It is now on it’s way  and we hope to harvest at least a […]

Allotment update- visits 2&3

Allotment visits 2 and 3

Last weekend I managed to get down to our allotment TWICE! I think getting stuck in the week before meant I was raring to get back to work. Fortunately, because it was sports day on Friday, Mr.Scott was home early. So, off we all headed for some more hand digging and weeding. Our lovely neighbours […]