Buttermilk Breakfast Muffins

buttermilk breakfast muffins

These muffins were very difficult to name. Yes they are buttermilk breakfast muffins but they are also so much more than that. Oaty, fruit packed, super duper light and low in sugar not to mention healthy-ish, I used spelt and wholemeal flour, two fruits and one veg. The trouble is they are so good the […]

Supergreens Soup

supergreens soup

After my first experiment with a green smoothie, I thought I would try my hand at making a supergreens soup. All the goodness of a green smoothie but in soup form. What turns a green smoothie into a soup? Heat. That is where my Froothie comes into it’s own. Hot soup blended to perfection within […]

Valentine Mochaccino Mousse

valentine mochaccino mousse

Does anyone actually go out and eat in restaurants on Valentine’s day? It is a contrived scenario to find yourself in. A restaurant only set up with tables of two, a single stem rose in a thin vase and lots of pink splashed around looking anything but pretty in pink. I purposefully avoid restaurants on […]

Game Pie

game pie

A well cooked pie is a crowd pleaser of a dish. In the past I have always opted for either beef or chicken but since cooking this game pie I may never enjoy a pie of any other name. I used a mixture of partridge, pheasant and venison cooking it gently in the oven along […]

Green Goddess Smoothie

green goddess smoothie

This is my first foray into the world of green smoothies. I was thinking of the perfect combination which would get me kick-started into enjoying the benefits of a glass of green goodness so I came up with an idea for a Green Goddess Smoothie. I thought a good place to start would be by […]

Gluten Free Coconut & Raspberry Pancakes

raspberry pancakes

I have finally cracked. I just had to experiment with a gluten free bake. I am not intending to become gluten free nor am I gluten intolerant but I have been reading so many interesting posts/articles/features over the last month or so that I just had to give it a go for myself. For research […]

Brown sugar meringues with Grilled Rhubarb & Blood Oranges

grilled rhubarb

Meringues are a delight to eat. Crisp shells giving way to marshmallow soft interiors. Light as a wispy cloud, melt in the mouth and only made from two ingredients.How could they possibly be bettered? Well they can. Brown sugar meringues knock their white sugar buddies sideways. BOOSH! Thanks to Diana Henry for enlightening me with […]

Miso & Ginger Glazed Salmon with Coconut Rice

ginger glazed salmon

January is a month full of new years resolutions, trying to watch the pennies and often a time when we are all feeling a little flat. It is  hard to come to terms with the aftermath of the post Christmas frenzy, especially when it comes to food. We are mostly all trying to lose a […]

Win a Glass Teapot & Speciality Tea by Adagio Teas UK (CLOSED)

Adagio-Glass-Teapot 1

Tea lovers, how would you all like to win a good looking glass teapot along with some speciality tea to go with it? Adagio Teas UK have an impressive range of all things tea related on their site including this glass teapot with an infusing chamber built into it. If you haven’t tried loose leaf […]

Jerusalem Artichoke Chestnut & Mushroom Soup

mushroom soup

I have for you a soup that truly reflects this time of the year. Earthy, woodsy, deeply rich flavours speak for themselves. Before making this soup, I hadn’t eaten Jerusalem artichokes for years. I remember a time when Jerusalem artichoke puree came with everything, I think around the same time as celeriac became a big […]