Tomatoes with a Greek Salad Dressing

If I could, I would probably eat Greek salad every lunchtime during the week.  I love it, especially when piled into toasted pittas with some hummus on the side. During the summer months I always have a packet of Feta cheese in the fridge. I do eat so much of it. I love it’s mild, crumbly salty flavour. It works so well in a number of ways. 

 greek salad dressing

Tomatoes with a Greek salad dressing

Crumbled over pasta, baked with prawns in a rich tomato sauce, scattered over a plate of roasted vegetables and roasted with butternut squash and chorizo in a savoury tart. Feta also tastes delicious when used as a dip. This is something I have been enjoying recently with home-baked pitta chips and it sparked an idea.

Why not use Feta to make a Greek salad dressing? Not a regular vinaigrette  but a smooth herby salty Feta sauce. Almost like a Greek version of a Caesar dressing using flavours that you would associate with a classic Greek salad. Having made and sampled this salad  sauce, all I can say is, it is so good you could happily slurp it straight from the spoon. Light, cool and peppermint green. This is my new favourite thing.

I have chosen to use it here with a simple and seasonal tomato and red onion salad but it would work equally well with:

-Robust salad leaves such as Cos/Romaine


-Peeled cucumber

-A sauce in which to dip Falafel

-A dressing for grilled/BBQ chicken, lamb or meaty white fish

-Halloumi cheese

-A sauce for rice/couscous salad

-Grilled vegetable skewers

-Poached salmon


Going back to the salad. The classic tomato & red onion salad. At this time of year tomatoes are really at their peak so I like to buy and use them as often as I can. I am usually found enjoying them with a splash of oil, red wine vinegar, plenty of  sea salt and bread which will get soaked in the remaining salad juice. Of course now the Greek salad dressing will be my daily lunch tomato partner. The good thing is you could make up this batch of sauce and it will keep in the fridge for a few days. I keep mine in a sauce bottle reading for squeezing.

As a big tomato fan I am always looking for creative ways to use them up. Here are a few fellow blogger’s recipes which will no doubt ensure you add more than just one punnet to your weekly shopping basket.

Tomato recipe inspiration:

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  1. says

    Greek salads always remind me of my (Irish!) Dad who eats them daily in the summer. This version looks just great. I, too, am really going for the tomatoes at the moment – though I’m desperate to get some nice heirloom-type ones in the market.

    • says

      Thanks Kate, I love how many tomatoes we are all able to enjoy over here although I still love eating all the varieties available in France. especially the beef tomatoes.

  2. says

    The simplicity of this dish is so charming, especially  given that I, like you, could eat Greek salad any day with just hummus and good flatbread. The dressing is just such a clever idea to get a familiar and wonderful flavour burst x

  3. says

    Thanks so much for the mention Laura. The salad looks utterly delicious. There’s something so special about the gorgeous colours in these Mediterranean salads isn’t there? Just make me want to dive in.

    • says

      Totally agree Sarah, it is the colours that grab me too but also I do eat far more Mediterranean food in the summer. Greek, Italian and French all the way!

  4. says

    What a wonderful idea! I would never have thought of using feta in a dressing! It’s so gloriously sunny outside, this would make a perfect lunch for today…may see if the corner shop has feta in :-)

  5. says

    This is such a perfect Vegetable Palette entry with fresh tomatoes.  I also like the sound of the dressing, with feta cheese.  Thank you.

  6. says

    I love this dressing! Like you I am very fond of a good ol’ Greek salad and this dressing can turn  a simple salad into something more than the sum of its parts. I used to live near one of the biggest Greek communities in the US (it is in southern Florida, so at least the weather is similar) and we loved eating in the Greek restaurants there. This dressing looks nicer than what we used to get on our salads. And a local ‘flourish’ was to have a big scoop of mustardy potato salad in the middle. Odd, but good.

  7. says

    I love the flavours in Greek Salad t00 and like how you made a feta dressing, and nice idea to give variations – am sure that dressing will work on SO many different things.

  8. says

    That sounds wonderful. I adore both Caesar salad and Greek salad. I can just imagine the possibilities. Thanks for sharing with NCR. The roundup will be up in the next day or two.


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