Spicy Pork Burger with Lea & Perrins

Having just had one of the best bank holiday weekends out in the sunshine I thought it was time I shared with you a recipe I made this weekend. If there is one thing that is essential about this first May bank holiday, it is the necessity to fire up the BBQ. I am pretty sure most of you will have had one or been invited over to one this weekend. But next time the BBQ is fired I think you should liven things up a bit by trying out my spicy pork burgers. 

spicy pork burger

Spicy Pork Burger

I was asked by Lea & Perrins to come up with a recipe using Worcester sauce. They have teamed up with the guys from SortedFood and have been making a series of recipe videos using what I believe is one of the classic British condiments. There must have been a time when every household had a bottle of this in their cupboard. Is it in yours?

I would never dream of making a Bloody Mary without it, nor a Cottage Pie. It always goes into my onion gravy and I usually add a splash to a meat ragu or a slow cooked beef dish. Adding a few drops to my coleslaw along with a spoon of Dijon mustard peps it up perfectly. 

Now let me introduce you to this burger. A rival to any of the finest, fanciest of meat patties you are ever likely to have eaten. I’m talking pork burgers here. I love pork and I wanted to create a burger that conveys to you just how much I love it. And chillies. So, here it is. A burger that might just have you sneaking another one before anyone else does, piling in a few pickled jalapeños before you do. I would far rather eat two stupendous burgers than a burger and chips any day. Would you?

The Sorted guys have added it to a Classic Caesar salad dressing. Nice touch lads! 

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    Oh gosh Laura, why did I look at this post at 6pm on a Friday starving hungry??!!! I will be dreaming about this all the way home on the tube now…. bookmarking for a non-diet day!!!!


    Oooh delicous! I love worcester sauce. Fab on welsh rarebit and spag bol too! And crisps – one of my faves lol x

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