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So the countdown to Christmas begins. Here at How to cook good food  lots of Christmas goodies re under way. Mincemeat , Christmas cakes and puddings were stirred last Sunday and now it’s time to get your thinking hats on for the One Ingredient challenge.

The ingredient I have chosen for you is one of my favourite  of the dried fruits…………………………



There are so many wonderful varieties available now compared to the wrinkled, tough and unappealing to children boxes of “Eat Me” dates. We have Medjool and Deglet Noor and Hadrawi. Dates are so versatile and delicious as well as being good for you. Enjoy them in sweet and savoury dishes. Stuffed, baked, in puddings, in salads, tagines and  added to all manner of festive dishes. This is your chance to show everyone how you like to enjoy dates.

Please see below for the One Ingredient rules and enter using the Simply Linked widget at the bottom of this post.

This monthly family friendly cooking challenge is hosted by Nazima at Franglais Kitchen and Laura at How to cook good food.

There is a monthly theme ingredient which we ask you to make, and blog a recipe around.

The rules are as follows

  • The recipe does not have to be showy or complicated – just family friendly

  • It can be sweet or savoury  (depending on the ingredient and your taste!)

  • You can use an old blog post if you wish but please let us know and please add the monthly one ingredient logo – we will create an appropriate logo for each month!

  • Feel free to enter the recipe to other challenges as well.

  • Please give credit if you use other people’s recipes and link to the source as appropriate.

  • Please enter by using the “Linky” tool which will vary according to which one of us is hosting. Alternatively you could Email your entry to  – let us know the recipe title, a photo and the link to the blog post. Let us know via Twitter if you do this as it is hard to keep track of all submissions.

  • Please include a link to our websites as the challenge hosts.

  • If you tweet your recipes and use the hashtag  #oneingredient we will retweet all those that we see.

We hope you feel inspired to enter!

Laura and Nazima 





  1. I’m not a fan of dates myself but I do like a good sticky toffee pudding. Will see what I can come up with for One Ingedient! 

  2. I love dates so I look forward to doing something for this!  

  3. If I can stop picking at my stash of medjool dates I will be happy to link up with you later in the month! I love them so much – a perfect treat when the sweet tooth strikes 😀

  4. Oh goodie, love dates. We did a We Should Cocoa with dates one December, so there will be plenty of ideas there if I come a cropper.

  5. Great choice, I love dates – especially those medjool ones. Moroccan dishes are springing to mind, particularly tagines. Will get thinking, and cooking.

  6. I have just the recipe! I actually made and photographed it the day before you published this post – perfect timing! :)

  7. GREAT ingredient and I will try to join in! 

  8. I have a chutney I have made so will add that in soon as I blog it and some cashew and date truffles planned for this weekend Laura. X


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