Summer BBQ Pizza Party

How good has this summer been so far? Superb I think. The amount of long sunny days spent in the garden, not having to be in the house at all. Eating outside at the picnic table whilst enjoying many a summer BBQ and the joys of  grilling foods out of doors because it is just too hot to turn that oven on. If only it could be like this forever. 

Of course, I say this whilst sitting at my keyboard tapping away on a very damp, muggy overcast and drizzly day. But, I have faith and I am sure this is just a blip. Hot will be back and I intend to make the most of it by planning my next sunny meal using my latest discovery, and what a discovery it is.

bbq pizza

I was invited by JOHN LEWIS to host my very own SUMMER BBQ PARTY with the idea of trying out  a WEBER PIZZA STONE. I decided to combine the two and hosted a summer BBQ pizza party for our family and some of our neighbours children. Pizza is the absolute favourite of all children I know. Even the fussy ones will eat it if it is home-made. If they are involved in the dough making or adding of various toppings, then they seem to wolf it down with pride and gusto. 

I have put together a little video of my family summer BBQ pizza party in the hope that it will encourage you to have a go yourself. 

Pizza dough- I always use THIS recipe. It is excellent. Beer can be replaced by  tepid water.



What I made for the summer BBQ pizza party

bbq pizza

Delicious crisp flatbreads

Mini pizza bites

Large classic Margherita using Buffalo Mozzarella & fresh basil 

Heston’s Hazelwood smoked beef back ribs

Stoke’s marinaded BBQ pork tenderloin

Dovecote park char-grilled fillet steak

Nigel Slater’s Brownies for pudding (the best I have made)


What I thought of the WEBER pizza stone


  • Having just bought my first Weber BBQ this year, I can now say that my dreams of owning a pizza oven have been squashed by a combination of the Weber BBQ and  this magic pizza stone. It makes a mean pizza, mini pizzas and also perfect flatbreads. Authentic, crisp, light, speedy.  BBQPizza? Yes. Do it!
  • I have the world’s worst oven, which you may not believe given that cooking is my job. Now, I don’t really care. I can manage it for all manner of baked goods but pizzas with that crisp, perfectly cooked base have always eluded me. My oven seems to work on 2 settings, low or high, but never supercharged enough to blast a pizza to perfection. 
  • The pizza stone needs 10 minutes warming up on a high heat before it is ready to bake  your  pizza dough. Just put on the lid and wait for merely minutes before  tucking into your bbq pizzas.
  • Save some of your pizza dough to turn into flatbreads which are perfect to enjoy with a dip or two.
  • Mini pizzas cook in literally 5 minutes. No need to brush the stone with oil, they don’t stick, they just bake beautifully.
  • No need to wash the stone. Just rinse it under warm water using a gentle scourer.
  • Be warned, they do chip easily. I managed to chip mine on it’s first use when i placed it in my draining board. So handle delicately.
  • The pizzas stone is tricky to remove from the bbq as it will remain hot. I recommend using a pair or tongs along with a fish slice.
  • The pizza stone is reasonably priced considering the amount of use I will make of it. I will find it very hard to cook my pizzas any other way.
  • As a cookery tutor, I make hundreds of batches of pizza dough per year and I think I am fairly adept at the art of pizza making. I would recommend this pizza stone as a way to revolutionise your pizza making skills.

My top BBQ pizza making tips


  • Make the dough the day before as this improves the flavour no end. I think it makes for a crisper crust too.
  • I know it is expensive, but try to use Buffalo mozzarella as your cheese of choice. It takes the pizza onto a totally different level in terms of taste. Think how much money you have saved by making the dough, and spend it on good Mozzarella.
  • Keep the topping simple. Good tomato passata or blitzed up Italian plum tomatoes with a dash of olive oil, salt, dried or fresh oregano, rosemary or thyme will make a lovely base for your pizza.
  • Buffalo Mozzarella, fresh basil, black olives, cured meats, if you like, are all good toppings. Just add the meat after the pizza is cooked and maybe some rocket and a drop of good olive oil to finish it off.
  • Have you got any plans to have a summer BBQ party? I would love to know what you are cooking! Would you consider making some BBQ pizzas? Let me know if you are!



I received a Weber pizzas stone and some John Lewis vouchers for the purposes of writing this post. I bought my ingredients from Waitrose  with the vouchers I received and the quality of the products I chose was excellent. All the opinions expressed in this post are my own and have not been influenced in any way. Thanks to john Lewis for providing me with the chance to write this review.


  1. says

    I have been barbecuing all summer Laura, on my old Smoky Joe Weber,  and we LOVE food cooked that way! Your BBQ party looks amazing and I LOVE the menu! Karen 

  2. Jude says

    We don’t have a webber, far to modern for my husband’s rustic barbecuing! But the pizza stone does sound fabulous, I saw then in John Lewis before I left and thought it sounded interesting, I’m glad to hear it’s so successful.
    Your party looks fabulous, the children must have loved it.

  3. says

    Great menu and ideas Laura. I use a Pampered Chef pizza stone, as well as a quarried stone tile from B&Q. This looks much posher though. I have done loads on the grill (for once the weather cooperates) including grilled lettuce, koftas, aubergines, fish and even a fruit cobbler. Love the warm weather. Today started gloomy but is now warm and quite lovely. I must admit that the rose’ quotient has increased considerably this year…

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