One Ingredient -The March Round-Up

One Ingredient  _ ChilliChilli  for  “One Ingredient” has proved to be a popular choice. What I particularly love about this round up is just how many savoury entries there have been. I have enjoyed reading about all these deliciously spicy chilli  flavoured dishes. There are so many ideas here from soup to flatbreads…… tarts to cakes. Take and look and see what everyone has been cooking. I can assure you, you will be inspired! 

First to enter as Kit at I-Lost in Austen with her KUMQUAT & CHILLI CHARLOTTE. Her rich citrus and chocolate sponge is coated in a dark chocolate ganache and kumquat syrup.Kit used 80% dark chocolate and piment d’espelette (a type of chilli pepper found in Southern France) in her sponge. It has been decorated with boudoir biscuits which were also flavoured with orange. It looks beautiful and must taste even better than it looks!

Jacqueline at How to be a Gourmand entered her STICKY & SMOKY CHIPOTLE LAMB STEW. A fellow chilli fan. Here Jac has combined the flavours of smoked paprika, chorizo, chipotle and chilli paste to create a stew with so many delicious ingredients. I love the idea of adding in fresh notes from the herbs, lime juice and tomatoes to lift this rich comforting dish that suits this chilly spring weather.

Nazima at Franglais Kitchen, my co-host in the One Ingredient challenge linked up some  CRISPY PRAWNS WITH TAMARIND & GINGER & SWEET CHILLI. The inspiration for these wonderful prawns came fro the latest  Leon cook book. Tamarind  is an ingredient I love to use and combining it with ginger, garlic, lime and sweet chilli sauce makes for a delectable dinner. I would love to eat these with a bowl of sticky rice and  I also don’t have a problem with ready made sweet chilli sauce. Just check on the labelling. Most do not contain MSG. In fact you find it more often in crisps these days so check before you buy your crisps. Plain are usually fine!

Lauren at A Baked Thesis entered her CHILLI FLATBREADS. Lauren cooked these flatbreads to have as part of a Moroccan themed meal and made some home made butternut & Harissa houmous to dip her flatbreads into. Adding onion seeds and chilli flakes to her bread dough would provide a real savoury note and the rest of her menu sounds pretty good too!  

Katharine at Leeks & Limoni made M’PILLE  (Puglian olive & chilli bread). A fantastic sounding bread which features sauteed onions, chillies, courgettes,tomatoes and olive. All these goodies are then shaped into rolls. So many wonderful Mediterranean flavours I would have to enjoy these rolls with a big bowl of Italian inspired minestrone or some good Italian cheeses such as Taleggio and Gorgonzola and a large wound of Burrata, my new favourite. Bread and cheese heaven!

Rita at Rita Cooks Italian cooked up some LENTILS WITH AN ITALIAN SPICY TOMATO SAUCE. I cook lentils regularly although never before have I added eggs to them. I love this idea and eggs also work brilliantly with tomato sauce, especially with Rita’s added spice. I might finish it off with some chopped rocket or basil. Rita finishes the dish of beautifully with Parmesan and flat leaf parsley. A perfect meat free meal.

Angie at CakePhotosLife cooked up SALT & PEPPER CHICKEN WITH A SWEET CHILLI SAUCE. This is Angie’s first ever savoury entry. She is not the biggest chilli lover  but she is trying to expand her tastebuds and this is one of the recipes she is starting her quest for new flavours with. I am a big fan of salt & pepper squid so I know the flavours would work very well with chicken too. As does the sweet chilli sauce. Happy tasting Angie!

Shaheen at Allotment2Kitchen made a SPIKED MILLIGAN SOUP. This is a lovely chunky root vegetable soup flavoured with curry spices, chilli flakes and fresh coriander. I often make soups like this but have never used curry spices in them before. I might add in some chickpeas or lentils and serve with pittas or  naan breads on the side. Can’t wait to try it :)

Sarah at The Garden Deli baked up GINGER & CHILLI BLONDIES. I don’t think I have made blondies before but if I do get around to it, these are the ones I shall bake. Stem ginger, dark chocolate and dried red chilli flakes. What a great combination and one I would enjoy with some richly scented vanilla ice cream. Pudding heaven!

Sally at The Recipe Junkie created ORANGEY CHOCOLATEY CHILLI TRUFFLES. Sally has such a good tip for truffle making. She made her batch and put them in the freezer so that they are ready to eat whenever  you want a chocolate treat. I love eating frozen cookies so I know I will now be testing out frozen truffles. Genius idea! They are far easier to coat in cocoa this way too.

Another entry from Shaheen at Allotment2Kitchen with a VEGAN MEXICAN TAMALE BEAN PIE. The best thing about  this recipe for me is the revelation of adding a polenta topping to a pie. Why haven’t I ever done this before? I love polenta and it’s unique texture. Even better is the addition of fresh coriander. A well spiced vegetarian soy mince filling sits beneath the polenta crust. What an innovative dish this is!

Choclette at Chocolate Log Blog baked an ICED HONEY & CHOCOLATE SPICE CAKE. This cake is an adapted Delia recipe. I am so happy that Choclette loves to incorporate spices into her baking and the addition of cayenne, ginger, cinnamon and cloves wins me over as does the use of honey and lemon marmalade in the sponge. It must have smelled amazing and tasted even better. Delightful in every way.

Helen at The Crazy Kitchen cooked up a SPICY CHORIZO & RICOTTA TART. Helen has used so many of my favourite flavours in the  lovely looking puff pastry tart. Ricotta, basil, red onion, chorizo and chilli all make perfect partners and the best thing is the savoury tart requires very little effort. Just a matter of layering on the ingredients and baking it in the oven. I always keep frozen puff pastry in the freezer for meals such as this.

Kellie at Food to Glow created a TANDOORI LENTIL,POTATO & AUBERGINE HASH.  A  perfectly comforting and beautifully spiced plate of food. Kellie is a keen spice fan and has paired up some perfect flavours that work so well in this tempting vegetarian dish.  I love the added greens for freshness and the yoghurt which compliments the spices and naturally, the presence of chilli finishes the dish perfectly  for me :)

Shaheen, who loves chilli has also entered a CHILLI & CLEMENTINE CHEESECAKE. I love any desert that includes a biscuit base. It is the crunch. Perfect against the zingy, zesty, spicy creamy topping. Just be cautious with children. Mine loathe chilli much to my disappointment!

Claire at under the Blue Gum Tree baked a CHILLI CRAB PRAWN TART. Like Claire, I also love making pastry. It is so satisfying and also tastes beautifully buttery and short. Filling her pastry case with coriander, chilli and lime flavours along with seafood is something that I could eat happily every day. Using tinned crabmeat as Claire does is also something I must try as I keep hearing such good things about it. A seafood delight! 

Janet at The Taste Space has created CHILLI MASALA TOFU SCRAMBLE. I am always on the lookout for recipes that focus on using spices without needing to add in meat. Tofu is something I love to eat but don’t eat enough. I keep seeing lovely tofu recipes and this is certainly getting me enthused to go and  sample some of it’s delicious meat free flavourings.

Anneli from Delicieux entered a MUSSEL RISOTTO. Anneli was inspired to make this wonderful barley risotto  by Ottolenghi. She cooked the barley in in chopped tomatoes, passata and stock then added lots of punchy flavourings to it. Garlic, capers, chillies and anchovies all of which partner mussels well and make for a dish with bags full of bold and satisfying tastes. Such a delicious recipe idea. 

white bean saladFinally here is my entry for a WHITE BEAN SALAD WITH SPICED LEMON & ROSEMARY DRESSING. I am hoping that this will be the first of many salads I will be making over the next few months. The spiced herb dressing using piment d’espelette as my spice along with some fresh red chilli is a winning flavour combination. If you are not keen on hot chilli heat then this is the perfect dressing for you.


I hope you have enjoyed  reading all the delectable chilli entries.If  you are interested in entering the April “One Ingredient”  challenge then you need to get thinking about all things CHEESE. The challenge is now up and running at Franglais Kitchen so do go over and have a look. We would both love to see you take part and celebrate the wonders of cheese!



  1. Karen (Back Road Journal) says

    I don’t know when I have seen so many great sounding dishes in one spot…great job everyone.

  2. says

    HOW on earth did I miss this? I am so sorry as I LOVE chillies and it just slipped my mind to add a recipe……sorry! LOVELY round up though! Karen 

  3. says

    So many lovely chilli entries and so diverse. Thank you for the lovely write up and for hosting. I have enjoyed participating in this event, esp with chillies being one of my fave ingredients. YOu may be interested to note I am hosting Pasta Please where I have challenged participants to come up with a veggie pasta dish that has chillies in it.

  4. says

    Oh so many chilli treats. It’s not like I’m stuck for ideas as I use chilli in virtually everything I cook (well savoury anyway), but it’s always good to try different things – in fact this round-up would make a very nice chilli banquet with plenty of choice for meat eaters and veggies alike – even after dinner chocolates. Lovely round-up, thank you Laura.

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