One ingredient May 2013 – The Asparagus

Here we are in May and the green buds are flourishing, flowers are slowly beginning to bloom and trees are coming to life.  So much of spring for me is all about the colour green. It has been hidden for months and due to our late spring I feel the need to celebrate all things green by the One Ingredient choice for this month of May.

One Ingredient

The ingredient I have chosen is The Asparagus.

There were so many verdant temptations. Nettles, watercress, rocket, spring onions but I have just bought my first bunch of British asparagus and am  enjoying them in a salad with a Caesar style dressing and a British Webb’s wonder (one of my favourites) blousy leaved salads. Finally, this green and pleasant land is waking up!

I hope you will feel inspired to join in with the celebration of asparagus this month. Both myself and Nazima at Franglais Kitchen would love to see what delights you are able to produce. It does not have to be a fancy dish, just something that simply tastes good.

Asparagus works in so many dishes. Salads, soups, tarts, roasted, risottos, pasta or just dressed with a vinaigrette. Let us celebrate this majestic vegetable in May. Asparagus deserves it! 

Below is a list of the One Ingredient guidelines

  • Please use the monthly badge and link back to and on your post.
  • If you are using someone else’s recipe, do give reference to your source.
  • If you tweet the recipe, remember to use the hashtag #oneingredient. Nazima and I will retweet any entries that we see.
  • A round-up will be posted at the beginning of June for you. It will hopefully be a celebration of asparagus flavoured ideas.
  • Please add your link to the “Simply Linked” widget below.

Good luck with the challenge and enjoy it!

Laura & Nazima xxx




  1. says

    I agree with Caroline, a Caesar with asparagus sounds fabby! I am looking forward to getting even more ideas for this most delicate of vegetables. Thanks for hosting ūüėÄ


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