The Belazu Supper Club at The French Table

Last week saw the fourth Belazu Supper Club, held at The French Table in Surbiton. Yes, Surbiton has connotations of deepest darkest suburban life but I can tell you that this local French restaurant could easily put some of it’s  central London contemporaries to shame.

Before I share with you some of the delights I ate and drank, I will tell you a little bit about the Belazu foundation. It is a charity set up by Belazu, a Mediterranean ingredients company, also an arm of The Fresh Olive Company. Belazu sell high end goodies for the keen cook. Of particular note are the rose harissa and the award winning balsamic vinegar. Both of which I would highly recommend, having tried both.

The Belazu foundation sponsor schools in Morocco, aiming to help both women and children receive an education. Instilling  life skills and building personal confidence can be a potential life changing experience. Belazu are helping to make a difference with their monthly fundraising supper clubs and you can read more about what they do HERE.

The French Table  was the latest host to entertain for this charity. Last month the supper club was held at Quo Vadis and I think next month it is being held at Duck Soup. See what I mean? This local restaurant happens to be a match for some serious Soho contemporaries. Good food, it seems can survive in the burbs. There are enough of us Londoners who moved out of town to appreciate a decent plate of food I like to think. 

Eric and Sarah Guingnard run The French Table. Eric is the chef, classically trained  in Paris. Sarah manages the front of house as well as having a discerning palate for wine. Sarah introduced and informed us all about the chosen wine pairings for the evening in a way that convinced me she genuinely knows and appreciates great food and wine. I still think about those wines. In fact I am going to go back there and order them all over again.

The menu read as follows


Marmite of lobster with haddock, leeks, confit tomato. crustacea and vanilla sauce 

Wine choice :- Gaillac blanc sec, Clement Temes, South West,2011


Saddle of Scottish venison, parsnip puree, beetroot and potato gratin, sauce “Grand Veneur”

Wine choice :- “Dignite” Syrah, Eric Monin, Langudoc, 2009


Passion fruit mousse with hidden raspberry cream on a coconut biscuit

Wine choice :- Muscat de Beaumes de Venise, Domaine de Bernadins, Rhone,2010


Food cooked to such a high standard in a local restaurant requires someone with talent and dedication. Eric has it and cooked us all a feast, the highlight for me was the venison. This was definitely the best piece of red meat I have had in recent months. Impressively tender with a rich earthy gaminess. I loved the garnish of crispy fried onions. The beetroot and potato gratin, silky parsnip puree and dark velvet sauce made for a mighty special plate of food. Both the marmite of lobster and the passion fruit dessert were tackled with delicacy and the refinement of somebody who has set very high standards and aims to maintain them. This restaurant has been in the neighbourhood for  twelve years. I can only imagine it’s demise when the lovely Eric and Sarah eventually decide to retire.

*I was kindly asked to attend the Belazu Supper Club as a guest. I was not asked to write a postive review of either the Belazu products or The French Table. All opinions expressed here are honest and my own*

Many thanks to Oliver Crumpton at The Fresh Olive Company for  allowing me to use the company photos. 


  1. Jude says

    As Fiona says, it was great to see you, and your write up of the evening is superb.  A delightful, delicious meal and fascinating to learn about the Belazu Foundation and their inspiring work.
    Jude x

    • says

      Thanks Fiona, Jude and Jayne. I am just so happy there can be restaurants as good as this out of London town. I just wish something decent would open up in Epsom!

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