One Ingredient January – The Round Up

January 2013 has proved to be a popular month for blogging challenges. I have tried to enter a few myself but have also been amazed at just how popular many of the blogging events have been considering this is a fairly low cash strapped month, with little in the way of sunshine to bolster our moods.

Having said that, the humble orange has provided the ONE INGREDIENT challenge with a huge 25 entries! Orange is my favourite colour and I have been using it so much this month. I think I am subconsciously trying to cheer myself up with this happy colour. So, please enjoy this sunny round-up of inspirational, colourful dishes…….



First we have Game pie by MAMACOOK. Her recipe includes pheasant, partridge, rabbit and hare combined with all sorts of delicious flavours including orange zest and juice. The pie mixture is cooked slowly before having a puff pastry topping added to it. I could happily enjoy this dish with a generous portion of braised red cabbage. A great comforting entry!

Anneli from DELICIEUX entered another savoury dish, Chorizo with red onion and oranges. Anneli serves her chorizo dish with cous cous and she made it in a slow cooker although she says it would work just as well being baked in the oven. The colours are rich and tempting and chorizo is a favourite ingredient of mine. Perfect with a good bottle of red wine!

Jenny from MUMMY MISHAPS created a chocolate orange trifle cake. This is Jenny’s interpretation of Ruth Clemen’s (The Pink Whisk) chocolate orange trifle. It has everything you could possible look for in  chocolate and orange lover’s dessert. Terry’s chocolate orange, jelly, Angel delight and a home made chocolate orange marble sponge. I bet this pudding was an absolute hit. What’s not to love!

Caroline at ALL THAT I”M EATING baked an orange caraway cake. This sounds like one of those cakes that you throw together because you are in real need of a sweet pick me up but in fact turn out to be one of the best cakes ever. Caraway seeds are underrated and impart a wonderful flavour that turn a sponge into something special.  A perfect invention!

Angie at CAKEPHOTOSLIFE cooked a chocolate orange cake (no decoration). This is one of those fabulous truffle textured cakes where you whisk up the egg whites and fold them into the cake mixture to achieve a really mousse like sponge. It has also been iced with a mixture of melted chocolate, orange zest and honey. I love the sound of this and might even have to crack open a bottle of Grand Marnier to have alongside this. Great cake to impress!

Corina at SEARCHING FOR SPICE made an orange cheesecake. I love the way Corina has combined mascarpone with Greek yoghurt here. I bet it makes for a velvety cheesecake and an easy one too as you just have to whizz up all the ingredients and then chill. Practically an effortless pudding, apart from waiting for it to set!

Jayne at MADE BY JAYNE has made Bergamot orange marmalade. Jayne followed a recipe made by the founder of The World Marmalade Awards, Jane Hassell McCosh. I must admit I am persuaded by her easy approach to marmalade making and will be following this technique myself so thanks for pointing it out to me. I do love a time saving technique and Jayne’s marmalade looks beautiful!

Sarah at THE GARDEN DELI baked up some Spiced squash and orange cupcakes. Sarah was lucky enough to have some of her own squashes to use in this recipe. I wish I still had some left. She also uses cinnamon and ground ginger in them and tops them with a zingy orange icing. These would make a perfect treat for the children and squash always seems to give cakes a longer life too. A squash success!

Kate at TURQUOISE LEMONS made some Cheat’s orange pain au chocolat. Kate came up with the idea of using up a packet of Jus Rol pain au chocolat’s and some leftover candied orange peel to make these citrussy little pastries. I didn’t know that you could buy pastry kits to make your own pain au chocolat but they actually look very good. Even better  with a hidden orange surprise inside!

Choclette of CHOCOLATE LOG BLOG baked up a chocolate, cardamom and marmalade loaf. The recipe was inspired by a book that Choclette received for Christmas and one I  am coveting myself……Scandilicious by Signe Johanssen. Cardamom was added in replacement of coffee and vanilla which reminded me that I was going to make an orange and cardamom marmalade but changed my mind at the last minute. Using home made marmalade in a loaf as good as this  is a fine idea. Spices rule!

Claire at UNDER THE BLUE GUM TREE cooked up chocolate orange brioche buns. I love brioche bread and have made loaves of it before but the hidden surprise here is some orange curd. Pairing this with chocolate chips, I think these little buns would serve as perfect breakfast and tea time treats. Perhaps both on the same day if they last for that long which I doubt they would in our house.We do love our sweet breads!

Sian at FISHFINGERS FOR TEA baked a Clementine cake. Sian wanted a cake to see her and her family thorough the snowy weather. I can relate to this and often find myself baking when the snow settles. You have extra time at home, in  need of some sweet treats to enjoy, while looking at the forecast every hour in my case, deciding whose website has the most reliable forecast. A delightful cake with gorgeous photos to entice you!

Shaheen from ALLOTMENT 2 KITCHEN has entered an orange and chilli granita. This sounds like a really refreshing idea, packed full of both orange juice, zest and as much chilli as you dare. All you have to do is bring the water and orange mixture to the boil, cool it down then freeze it. To get the perfect consistency, just put it into a blender or food processor which breaks down the large ice crystals. Lots of flavour but very few calories!

Susie at FOLD IN THE FLOUR baked an orange buttermilk cake. This is one of those cakes that could tempt even the most uncakey of  us. There is a wonderful snowy looking icing covering a deliciously moist and zesty sponge. I think there is nothing better on a cold winter’s day than a decent slice of cake to cheer me up, and this fits the bill!

Sarah at MAISON CUPCAKE created an orange syllabub with speculoos biscuit base. Sarah has come up with an idea that I will be using myself in future. Keeping a jar of Speculoos biscuit crumbs  to hand, perfect for sprinkling on yoghurt, or as in this recipe, using them for the base of a gorgeous orange syllabub. They would make a wonderful cheesecake base too. And my love for Speculoos means that Sarah’s dessert is going to get made for my family pretty regularly!

Karen at LAVENDER & LOVAGE baked up a cardamom rose cake with orange drizzle syrup. Karen has chosen some favourite flavours of mine here. She also mentions that she uses a rose petal jam to sandwich between the sponges and decorates the cake with crystallised rose petals. Exotic, floral and perfumed with beautiful aromas. I would love to try this with some rose flavoured whipped cream please!

Louisa at CHEZ FOTI baked up a clementine and almond cake. This is certainly a cake I have baked a few times myself and it is based upon a Nigella recipe but Louisa adds Amaretto to hers which for me, is perfect. This would enhance the flavour of the ground almonds so well. A cake that inproves after a couple of days I have found and also work both as a tea time cake and as a pudding served with lots of creme fraiche or a bid dollop of Mascarpone.

Elizabeth at TANGO LIKE RAINDROP baked a whole orange cake. This gorgeous looking cake was made by Elizabeth’s son who is not yet 13! The family take turns in creating a Come Dine With Me competition where each member of the family takes it in turn to cook up a three course meal and get awarded for their efforts. Give it a few years and I will be following in your footsteps with this genus idea. Please send my huge congratulations to your son for his entry!

Caroline at CAROLINE MAKES entered a zesty orange terrine. Caroline discovered this recipe in the Slimming world magazine and it’s one that is perfect to enjoy without the feeling of over indulging on the sweet front. A fruity orange jelly is topped with a layer of set low fat Greek yoghurt. Such a virtuous dessert I think you could afford to have a couple of  very thin tuile type biscuits to go with it!

Helen at FUSS FREE FLAVOURS created  chocolate, orange, date & seed energy balls. Helen is someone who always manages to create such a diverse selection of recipes on her website,but essentially she veers towards the healthier foods. I like her for this and particularly for sharing this sweet treat which immediately makes me want to invest in a dehydrator. I could just use the kids as an excuse and make all of their after school sweet snacks in it!

Shaheen at ALLOTMENT 2 KITCHEN baked a vegan orange and poppyseed cake. Her second entry, this offers a twist on the classic lemon & poppyseed cake. The best bit of this cake for me is the idea of coating the sponge in a layer of marmalade and decorating it with flaked almonds. Having made my first ever marmalade this month, I am looking for novel ways in which to use it up. I have loads!

Galina at CHEZ MAXIMKA baked up an orange polenta cake. This is a deliciously fruity cake with the added bonus of using blood oranges which get cooked out in a sugar syrup.The cake is decorated with slices of these gorgeous oranges. It would be lovely on it’s own or with some thick creme fraiche on the side. A real favourite of mine!

Rita of RITA COOKS ITALIAN baked jam thumbprint orange biscuits. Her recipe was adapted form Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall. It replaces lemon zest with orange. She also dusts the biscuits with icing sugar. They certainly look both crumbly and buttery. Both factors I appreciate in a good biscuit recipe. The trouble with biscuits though, is stopping at just one. Impossible!

I entered a savoury entry SPICED CARROT, CARDAMOM & ORANGE SOUP. A soup that provides warmth and a little ray of sunshine in this cold and dull month. Amazingly, this soup happened to win the reader’s recipe swap in The Guardian this weekend!

Finally we have Nazima at FRANGLAIS KITCHEN (fellow One Ingredient host) with an orange, ginger and cardamom loaf cake. Nazima is so good at pairing flavours together and this cake highlights that fact perfectly. Almonds, raisins, crystallised ginger and crushed cardamom powder. To my mind, this is a cake with beautiful aromatic scents and taste. It also has a confit orange topping with discs of thinly sliced oranges that look like little jewels. Absolutley divine!

Thanks to all of you who entered this month.This has been one of the largest round-ups I have done and I hope you will be back for more this month. Nazima will be posting up February’s challenge over at FRANGLAIS KITCHEN soon……..


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    Lovely sunny recipes for, indeed, a dreary month. Top of my list in this gorgeous list is the orange and caraway loaf. I love caraway and fennel in sweet-ish cakes and this looks extremely good. And your soup of course!

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