Little Ginger & Walnut Banoffee Pots

banoffee I can’t quite remember when I first discovered Banoffee pie but I seem to remember it being in my teens during the 80s. Along with Mississippi Mud Pie, Lemon Meringue pie , New York style cheesecake and double chocolate fudge cake. These were the desserts of choice down at the local (and rather good)  American style burger joint. If you are from Ealing you might remember Dean’s. They did an amazing blue cheeseburger.

Who can resist a good slice of what is essentially layers of heaven. Biscuit base, caramel sauce, bananas topped of with a thick layer of cream. It just works for me and I have loved it ever since but in fact, rarely make it. 

After attending a cookery masterclass (HERE)  with Florence Knight and seeing how she used little glasses to serve up her Tiramisu I thought I would have a go at serving my Banoffee pies like that. I have also made an almond tiramisu and served it in glasses which you can read about HERE.

This worked well for me as I brought back some teeny little Duralex glasses from France this summer with the idea of using them for chocolate mousse. I like the thought of enjoying a delicious dessert but in mini form. It just helps to keep the calories a little more under control in this pretty sinful dessert.

Of course, I had to also add a few little twists to the classic and I went with a theme of ginger. Ginger nut base, caramel, bananas, whipped cream all topped off with a molten layer of melted ginger chocolate and a sprinkling of walnuts. I was going to add crystallised ginger before the cream but gave some to my daughter who did not approve. So, I left it out. But you shouldn’t and I won’t when making it for grown ups.

I am entering this glorious dessert into One Ingredient hosted by Nazima this month at Franglais Kitchen and co-hosted by me on alternate months. Banana is this month’s chosen ingredient.

It is also going to be my entry into Choclette’s We Should Cocoa  this month guest hosted by Jen at  Blue Kitchen Bakes. Ginger is this month’s chosen ingredient.

I am also entering it into Tea Time Treats co-hosted by  Karen at Lavender & Lovage and Kate at What Kate Baked. This month Kate is hosting and the theme is perfect puddings.

Little Ginger & Walnut Banoffee Pots


Little ginger & walnut banoffee pots
Serves 4
A banoffee pie served in a pot!
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Prep Time
15 min
Total Time
15 min
Prep Time
15 min
Total Time
15 min
  1. 100g Ginger nut biscuits smashed into fine crumbs (by hand or with food processor),
  2. 55g melted butter,
  3. 1 tin of Carnation Caramel or Dulce de Leche,
  4. 1 large banana thinly sliced,
  5. Crystallised ginger finely chopped (optional),
  6. 1x small pot of double cream lightly whipped into soft peaks,
  7. 50g Green & Black's Ginger chocolate melted (25 seconds in a microwave)
  8. A handful of chopped walnuts (toast them for 5 mins in a hot oven for extra flavour)
  1. 1. Combine the melted butter with the Ginger nuts and place the mixture at the bottom of your chosen glasses pressing down with the back of a teaspoon,
  2. 2. Add as much of a caramel layer as you like (I prefer more biscuit base to caramel),
  3. 3. Place the banana on top of the caramel followed by the crystallised ginger of you are using it,
  4. 4. Top with lightly whipped cream and the melted ginger flavoured chocolate,
  5. 5. Garnish with the chopped walnuts which you may like to toast beforehand to give added flavour,
  1. This dessert does not need to be refrigerated before eating,
  2. I made them and they were eaten straight away,
  3. They could be prepared and stored in the fridge until you wish to eat them later in the day or the following day if you have good willpower!
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  1. How very delicious! All the flavours I love, perfect little dessert to put together quickly.

  2. We have some glasses just like yours (also bought in France) – and now I have a new use for them! Sounds delicious, and I know this recipe will go down well with the children especially.

  3. I have to say these look so lovely and a perfect portion size too – a sweet treat but not too much of it (one can always have a second glass if need be I guess!)
    I was worried that banana would be a quiet month on one ingredient but it seems we are getting a good amount of interest and lovely recipes. Thanks for linking this one x

  4. Yummo, and as Nazima says, the perfect portion size. One could easily go out of control if this was served up in a big glass bowl. Thanks for saving us from ourselves!

  5. This is a great banoffee and so perfect for those diner glasses. But I still think I could eat two!  GG

  6. Oh wow, these look absolutely delicious. I adore banoffee pie so any variation on the theme is a winner in my book :-)

  7. These are gorgeous Laura. Traditional banoffee pie is usually too sweet and sickly for my tastes but I really like the sound (and look!) of yours. I bet the ginger makes a big difference and love the added crunch of the walnuts on top. 

  8. Love the presentation of these scrummy looking desserts. Delicious!

  9. How delightful! I love using little pots like this for puds & amuse buche. I love Banoffe Pie so this sounds delicious. I definitely will make this. So easy and can be made ahead….ideal for me! Thanks Laura x

  10. Fantastic flavours Laura-0 I too love mini desserts, although maybe not for the right reasons. I feel I can justify more than one if they are small sized! Thank you for entering TTT!

  11. You said it Laura, glorious dessert indeed. Your banoffee is so absolutely elegant served in glasses and is a very clever way not to be tempted into cutting a large slice of pie. Love your use of ginger. So pleased you entered these little glasses of delight into We Should Cocoa.

  12. Another brilliant idea, Laura. I am going to make these for my mum – I think she will adore these!

  13. I LOVE these! It’s all about banoffee at the moment isn’t it. The addition of ginger and walnuts in this would lift it so nicely.

  14. First of all, I love your cute glasses, perfect for caffe’ macchiato. The banoffee pudding has been for ages one of my favourite restaurant dessert. My favourite Italian Pizzeria, Il Pappagone, makes a good homemade version, but I’ve never tasted with ginger and walnuts. This sounds like a very good alternative to the usual banoffee.

  15. What a treat! They look professionally made. I have never had banoffee pud after so many years of living in the UK! I’d really love to have a go at it now. Beautiful desserts!

  16. Oh YUM! What a wonderful dessert full with amazing flavors!

  17. I love banoffee and these pots are super cute! I’ll have to skip the ginger though. 

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