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How many years have passed with me saying this is the year I am going to make a Gingerbread House, only for it never to come to fruition. Well, finally, here it is. In full pastel hued glory.  I will just tell you that if you ever want your children to be impressed with you, then just have a go at making one. They will marvel and gasp in wonder. Just be prepared to set aside at least a couple of hours  on both days of a weekend. Believe me, it will be the best few hours you  could spend constructing, measuring, glueing and bejewelling.

I have enjoyed this challenge so much and have Jude from  A Trifle Rushed to thank for all of her Gingerbread House inspiration. She has a beautiful collection of houses which you can see HERE.

Naturally, with only a few more days until Christmas and very little time left to be blogging more recipes (even though I have loads ready to go) , I am going to be entering my family gingerbread house, with thanks to engineer husband as chief construction advisor and head pastry chef children for their commitment to colour co-ordination and sweet organisation, into six challenges.

Firstly, I am entering into my ONE INGREDIENT partner Nazima at Franglais Kitchen’s GINGER challenge.

Secondly, I am entering  into Jude at A Trifle Rushed, Kate at Turquoise Lemons and Jamie at Jaim’s Kitchen’s  SEASONAL GINGERBREAD HOUSE challenge.

Third, I am entering into SIMPLE AND IN SEASON over at Ren’s Fabulicious food and guest hosted this month by Karen at Lavender & Lovage.

Fourth, I am entering WE SHOULD COCOA at Choclette’s Chocolate Log Blog and Chele at The Chocolate Teapot. This month the  chosen ingredient is cinnamon. I have used chocolate buttons on the roof!

Fifth, it’s CALENDAR CAKES over at  Dolly Bakes and Laura Loves Cakes . The theme is  GO CRACKERS FOR CHRISTMAS.

Sixth, it’s Jac at TINNED TOMATOES and the No Croutons Required FESTIVE  PHOTO challenge. I hope the gingerbread house is festive enough and have even used my Christmas tree as a backdrop just for added Christmas effect.


The Gingerbread House was made entirely from  THIS RECIPE by  Amanda Grant for Delicious Magazine. The template was free  and it worked brilliantly. The dough uses both orange zest and juice which makes the kitchen smell  both zingy and spicy. I will  definitely be making another house for Easter. Watch this space and Happy Christmas!




  1. says

    I really really want to make my own gingerbread house but with only a few days left til Christmas, I’m not sure it’s going to happen this year.

    Yours looks amazing though – far too pretty to eat (although I’m sure someone will make the first move).

  2. says

    Oh Laura, well done! I love your ginger bread house…ginger bread stuff is not popular in Italy and my husband (Danish) is our ginger bread house plus various other buildings maker!!! I like the chocolate buttons on the roof!! I wish you a ‘relaxing’ festive time. PS I’ve used your zucchini/carrots/raisins recipe as a yummy festive cake…sprinkled with a lot of icing sugar. It tastes and looks fantastic! Thank you.

    • says

      Thanks Rita, yes Italy isn’t really somewhere you associate with gingerbread but delicious Pannetone and Amaretti which I love. Pleased the little zucchini cakes worked well for you, shame there are no more home grown to enjoy now until next summer x

  3. Jude says

    Such a gorgeous house, I just love it.  It sounds like a wonderful family collaboration, your children are certainly artistic and creative, the colours are perfect.
    And what a great idea entering into plenty of events, I can never quite organise myself to do that. Jude x

  4. Jaime says

    Laura, I’m so glad you submitted your gingerbread house to our challenge and shared it with us!! It’s a lovely, lovely house with such pretty colours. I’ve been thinking about what would make the best ‘roof tiles’ and you’ve done marvellously with chocolate buttons. Love it! x

  5. says

    Gorgeous house! I love the shutters round the windows! I’ve just made my first ever gingerbread house and I’m so proud of it, I’ve had so much fun with it, I’m planning to make it a regular thing now with houses for all occasions!

  6. says

    This is absolutely stunning. What a treat for your children. It looks exactly like the one of Hansel and Gretel :-)
    I’d love to make something like this one day, it is worth the time and the effort. Well done!

  7. says

    Stunners! I used to make gingerbread houses when my daughter was younger, and it made the whole house smell incredible. I too used a template from a magazine (I think it was Tesco’s one from about 12 years ago!). I still have the recipe but sadly I no longer make the time to make as a house, just biscuits. I bet your family is so pleased you did find the time as it is truly beautiful. I think you will win Jac’s contest too!

    • says

      That’s very kind of you to say so Kellie and I must say I enjoyed making it. I am sure your daughter must have loved you making one for her when she was little, there is something magical about them :)

  8. says

    How gorgeous is this!!! Love your gingerbread men, all the sweeties and the fab roof tiles! I made a gingerbread house last year and it was so much fun…yours has made me want to make another one now! Thanks for entering it into Calendar Cakes :-)

  9. says

    Good grief Laura, you must have set the record now for most challenges entered in one post – well done. Your house is adorable, I am so impressed. I can’t imagine ever having the patience to make one, but I do so like to see them and yours is amazing.

    • says

      I know, I love it when one recipe can suit so many challenges, particularly at this time of the year! I have one more recipe to post before Christmas but that will have to be it then until January. I am quite surprised at my patience in this construction too, not one of my strong points when baking normally!

  10. says

    What a beautiful house – I’m very impressed by your baking and your engineering skills! It really looks too good to eat, but I bet it will taste fantastic too. Have a very happy Christmas!


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