One Ingredient November – The Pomegranate

November is upon us and it is time for  new challenge. One Ingredient this month has been chosen. The one, the  only…….POMEGRANATE. It has to be one of the most beautiful fruits. Little bead like jewels which bleed puddles of dark red juice. They are something to behold with a sweet taste and a lightly sour edge .

I remember these fruits from when I was little. I used to spend hours picking away at each individual seed with a sewing needle. They were so exotic.  I would end up getting covered in the dark red juice and back then, there was no sign of Pomegranate juice. This was the 70s, way before it became fashionable to drink the “must have” juice it was to become albeit briefly.

I hope you will join in with this challenge in either a sweet or a savoury way. Pomegranates can be used  in salads (sweet & savoury), cakes and desserts as well as being a garnish for Tagines. How about using Pomegranate molasses or the juice to enhance a dressing or even a marinade.

Just a reminder about linking back to both myself and Nazima, who has now moved over to Franglais Kitchen, when you post your recipe. If you Tweet using the hashtag #OneIngredient we will both retweet all entires we see. You can read the One Ingredient Rules HERE.

I hope that this beautiful fruit will make you feel inspired to join us for One Ingredient this month!




  1. Wonderful. I love pomegranate so am looking forward to thinking something up for this!

  2. Fantastic – I LOVE pomegranates. What a lovely challenge!

  3. Ooh, how exciting Laura. You don’t see pomegranate recipes that often and you are right, it’s such a beautiful fruit. Pomegranate molasses is something I only came across a couple of years ago and it’s fabulous stuff. I have something that will hopefully fit the bill very well for this.

  4. I’ve got an unusual pomegranate one (from georgia, the country) that I am posting later this month so I will be sure to pop it over. Looking forward to everyone’s pomegranate ideas!

  5. Brilliant! As luck would have it, before I knew what the ingredient was this month, my Sunday lunch dish tomorrow has pomegranates in it! Karen 

  6. Hi Laura, interesting choice this month! I hope pomegranate syrup counts – just submitted a link to my recipe for couscous and chard, flavoured with the syrup.


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