A Festive Mincemeat Slice

festive mincemeat sliceIt almost December, so I don’t feel too bad about sharing with you a bake that involves mincemeat. You see, I want to make a fresh batch. But to do that, I needed to use up my last two jars of last years Delia mincemeat.

It’s too early, even for me to be making mince pies. What I have done, is create a mince pie slice. It is based upon a recipe for a date slice I stumbled across in an Australian Woman’s Weekly cookbook. I have searched high and low for the said recipe book because it featured tons of lovely bakes. Can I find it………………………noooooo.

Therefore this is a recipe that I have adapted from HERE based upon an Australian Date Slice. I love dates but I love mincemeat too and I thought this would work…….luckily it did and I will be making it many more times over the coming month or two. So, how much mincemeat must I make this year?  Loads  of course!

I am entering this into Tea Time Treats, Karen at Lavender & Lovage and Kate at What Kate Baked are celebrating their first  Tea Time Treats anniversary with the theme of  “Cake”

I am also entering this into Calendar Cakes jointly hosted by Dolly Bakes & Laura Loves Cakes. The theme is “Go cracker for Christmas”.

I have another recipe to follow which uses up the rest of last year’s mincemeat that I will be posting along with many other festive goodies soon. Well it is officially the weekend of stirring up after all!

A Festive Mincemeat Slice

Ingredients :- Makes 16 slices approx

  • 170g soft brown or muscovado sugar

  • 185g butter

  • 70g plain flour

  • 100g wholemeal flour

  • 1/2tsp bicarbonate of soda

  • 150g porridge  oats

  • 1/2 jar of mincemeat (250g approx)

Method :-

  1. Line a square baking tray with baking parchment and pre-heat the oven to 170 degrees.

  2. Beat the sugar and butter together until they are light and fluffy.

  3. Sieve the flour and bicarb of soda into the butter and sugar mix. Stir to combine and then add in the oats and stir well.

  4. Put 3/4 of the mixture into your baking tin and smooth it out.

  5. Add in the layer of mincemeat and smooth it out evenly.

  6. Follow this by sprinkling on the remaining dough and smoothing it out to cover the mincemeat.

  7. Bake for 40 minutes.

  8. Let it cool before dredging with icing sugar.

  9. Eat it on it’s own or with some cream laced with Brandy.



  1. says

    What a delicious festive bake with such Christmasy photos Laura and in my book, it’s never too early to start the Christmas baking! Thank you very very much for entering this into TTT!!   

  2. says

    Love the look of these and will definitely give them a try. Love mincemeat full stop. I’ve been making mincemeat muffins http://foodiequine.blogspot.co.uk/2012/11/its-beginning-to-look-lot-like-christmas.html

  3. Jude says

    Yummy!  Like you I have  a jar or two from last year, I actually made mince pies, but how I wish I’d had this scrumptious recipe.  Now I’m  tempted to make more mincemeat, so I can bake trays of your lovely mincemeat slice next year!

    • says

      I have just made a new batch of mincemeat but I will be making another if this one is as tasty as it looks. I love the fact you can keep it for so long and it improves with age. Hope you do make more. I have just tried out Dan Lepard’s recipe which smells wonderful!

  4. says

    Wow! Laura, I love this, I am a big mincemeat lover, and have a similar recipe which is based on a Delia recipe which has an oaty topping and bottom! A lovely recipes and super festive photos, how did you achieve that effect with the snowflakes? It’s great! Thanks so much for baking this for tea time treats and our first birthday! Karen 

    • says

      Good old Delia, I just love her and her Creole Xmas cake which always turns out beautifully. My photos have been stylised with a fab photo app, I will be using it time and again. Will tell you it is called Picture Monkey. I am addicted to it!

  5. says

    Oh Laura, those slices look yummier and juicier than any mince pie. I’ve got a jar of chocolate mincemeat from last year I was thinking of putting into a cake, but your slices are calling to me now …….

    • says

      Hooray! I did think about doing a chocolate mincemeat but in the end plumped for Dan Lepard. I may do a chocolate version too just because you can never have too much mincemeat in my opinion!

  6. says

    I’ve just written a post all about how I don’t like fruit cake and pudding and can take or leave mince pies… But this actually looks really good! I like the idea of a simpler, lighter cake with dried fruit in it – maybe a slice of this would change my mind :-)

  7. says

    We usually end up with some shop-bought mince pies because they’re sort of traditional and we feel we ought to, although none of the family really likes them. But these festive slices are something else altogether – I don’t think they’d last long. I’ll need to give them a try, then maybe we won’t buy mince pies this year!

  8. says

    This looks like a fantastic way to use up some mincemeat. I bet it’s delicious. I wish I had some homemade mincemeat left from last year. I suppose I better get started on making this year’s batch.

    • says

      Great to hear from you Laura, and if there is a reason to make some more mincemeat, this is it. Although I have a number of other ways I like to use it. Just hope I have the time to post them!

  9. says

    And indeed this is a very good recipe. We already fancy some Christmas edible (only though!) stuff and this looks very interesting.
    I love mince pies. I discovered them in the UK and fell in love as soon as I had them the first time.
    I should try this in the coming weeks.

    • says

      Thanks Alida, I am impressed that you like mince pies and hope you enjoy all the British Christmas baking traditions. Although I bet you must miss the Italian traditions too x

  10. says

    Wonderful Laura, I did not realise it would last so long, and had discarded the remains of last years delicious batch thinking it was risky to keep it but I shall be making more and this is a great idea for easy bakes to take to work over Christmas. 

    • says

      Oh yes, mincemeat & Xmas pudding lasts for a good year. Please don’t make that mistake next year. I look forward to opening last year’s leftover mincemeat in November!

  11. says

    I’m loving all the Christmas recipes that are starting to pop up. This is a really nice variation on a mince pie and it looks really tasty…a date slice with mincemeat instead sounds like a winner! :-)

  12. says

    Oh what a lovely Christmas recipe. Loving the snowflakes in the pictures too :).  I hope I have time to make my own mincemeat this year as it is so much nicer than shop brought, but running out of time fast!! Perhaps this recipe will inspire me. X

  13. says

    This looks so gorgeous, Laura. In fact, I had a date slice recipe from an OZ book on baking, but can I find it? No, I can’t. I have a newer version of the book, and it’s not in there any more :  ( I’ll be baking this this Christmas, Laura! I think I will try a vegan version with soya margarine for my sister – will probably adapt very well with no egg. Thank you!

    • says

      Hi Scott, thanks for visiting my blog and well in answer to your question, it is a cross between the two. A flattish oaty wholemeal slice. I guess in that sense it is more like a flapjack!

  14. Oonagh says

    How so you think these would freeze? Trying to be organised for Christmas and get as muvh done as possible before hand!

  15. says

    Haha laura, like I’ve just said on my blog, the shops have already started playing the songs, and starbucks has started rolloing out their red cups, so I think it is just about the right time for your mincemeat recipe to join in the festivities (: Looks yummy! 

  16. says

    Yummy mincemeat! It took me a few years to realize how much I like mincemeat pies/cakes. I welcome a good slice of festive British cake (what a nice change from the usual Pandoro/Panettone)…

  17. says

    I made this today with my chilli & chocolate mincemeat – just what is needed for tonight’s bonfire party. They are delicious (I had to try a bit obviously) and I shall be making them again for sure. Thank you for a fab recipe, thought I did have trouble covering my cake tin, so will up the quantities a bit next time. I ended up using an egg, just to bulk it out a bit and make it slightly easier to spread.


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