One Ingredient – The September Round Up

one ingredientIt definitely feels like Autumn now compared to the beginning of the month. The mornings are cooler as are the afternoons and the days are getting shorter. I must admit to being much more of a spring and summer person but I can cope with what is on it’s way as there is still plenty growing down on my allotment.

I do love the thought of lots of pumpkins and squashes, chard, spinach and apples coming my way. Many warm and satisfying soups and stews, pies and crumbles. I am talking myself around slowly.

As for this month’s One Ingredient challenge. Well, the fig has done us proud. I have enjoyed all the ways you have chosen to use them and I hope you will enjoy reading all about them  too…………….

To start we have Cake of the Week with some Fig & Rum Blondies. They were based on a healthy brownie recipe and used nutmeg, Rum and fruit sugar along with the white chocolate and figs. They sound like a good way of enjoy a sweet treat  without too many calories!

Sarah at The Garden Deli made Fig Jam. Sarah recently bought her first fig tree and it is growning well but too early to harvest any figs. She bought some and made this beautiful looking jam with very few ingredients other than the fruit, sugar, lemon and a touch of Port. Perfect on toast but very good with cheese too!

Choclette of Chocolate Log Blog baked some Fig, almond, choc chip & honey flapjacks. Chocllette made these and took them along on her holiday to the Scilly Isles to have as a sweet snack whilst she was out and about  exploring the beautiful Isles of Scilly. Sounds like she  hardly needed to have made them as the food in her post looks so good. That is what holidays are for after all…….over indulging!

Helen of The Crazy Kitchen made some Rum Baked Figs. How can you go wrong with figs, honey, dark Rum and cinnamon? You can’t. Baking/Roasting  fruits really does bring out their flavour. Just remember to serve the with creme fraiche or Greek yoghurt as Helen did.

Jayne of Made by Jayne has made a Fig Jam. Jayne’s differs from Sarah’s as it has the added flavours of cinnamon and vanilla instead of Port. Jayne says she was not a fan of Fig Newtons i.e. Fig Rolls when she was younger but has come around to Figs via this  jam. So pleased to hear that Jayne!

Ros, The More Than Occasional Baker cooked Bacon, Brie & Fig Muffins. I love it when challenges get those who have not tried an ingredient before to try it. Ros had not cooked with bacon before or eaten and used fresh figs. I am so happy you did and I think your workmates proved it was well worth it!

Galina at Chez Maximka created Pork Paupiettes with Figs. Now this is such a delicious savoury creation I will be making it myself. Pork is my favourite meat. Here it is roasted with chunks of fig, apple and Marsala wine. She also used figs in a side dish to accompany a roast duck. They were roasted with butternut squash and fennel and coated in a dressing of balsamic vinegar, honey and orange saffron oil. I am impressed with your efforts!

Louisa at Chez Foti baked Fig, Goat’s Cheese & red onion tarts. Louisa lives in the French Pyrenees and was lucky enough to collect a huge fig harvest from a friend of hers which she made these gorgeous looking tarts with. I am also envious of Louisa whose little son loves figs. My son was horrified by their taste. I do think it is the seed issue. My other two also aren’t keen. Perhaps I will try these tarts out on them as they are mad about pastry!

Rita from Rita cooks Italian made a Focaccia style Pizza with Figs & Prosciutto. Now Rita is something of an expert I feel when it comes to focaccia dough. Hers looks utterly authentic and the flavour of fig with prosciutto is one that I could never ever tire of. I just wish you could cook it for me now please!

Helen at The Crazy Kitchen has come up with her entry no.2 here for a  Slow Cooker Steamed Fig Pudding. I am not sure how I have never manage to acquire a slow cooker but I haven’t. After reading all about Helen’s pudding I may have to reconsider. Particularly as I know this would go so well with custard, my favourite pudding accompaniment!

Caroline at Cake, Crumbs & Cooking entered a  Fig & Vanilla Demerara Crunch cake. Yet again I am so happy that fresh figs have been tried for the first  time here in this wonderful muscovado sugar and vanilla sponge cake topped off with fresh crunchy figs. Demerara would give the cake even more added crunch, always something I enjoy in a cake.

Under the Blue Gum Tree coked up a Sicilian Aubergine & Fig Caponata. This is a beautiful looking dish served alongside some Goat’s cheese, parmesan biscuits and lavender honey. I love caponata and often like to make it in a big batch so I have some left over for lunch as it also happens to taste good hot and cold. Next time, I am adding figs!

Choclette of Chocolate Log Blog baked her second entry, Honeyed Fig & Goat’s Cheese Tarts with a Chocolate Balsamic Sauce. Choclette is always so creative with her dishes and I hope she will be making more recipes with a savoury slant. I have used  a chocolate balsamic sauce myself and know it would work perfectly here. It is also one of her entries to the Capricorn Challenge so I hope you get chosen!

Angie at Cake, Photos, Life baked Flap Berries. They are a flapjack which have the added goodness of fresh figs, blackberries and dried cranberries. I think I may have found a recipe which will get  my children to like figs here. Thanks Angie, your flap berries both sound and look delicious. Such a good name too!

London Busy Body entered Top of Beef Rib with Roasted Figs.This is such an inspiring recipe and I must say I have never cooked beef ribs before. I always plump for baby back ribs. I will definitely  be trying these out and using the marinade too. It contains fig jam, pomegranate molasses, soy, honey & ginger. Fresh figs were added later . How can they be anything but divine with those flavours going on!

Jenny at Mummy Mishaps baked a Fig, Honey, Blackberry & Apple Pie. This is such a perfectly seasonal pie with flavours of the Autumn and Jenny’s pastry looks so good. It has cinnamon in it too which is something I will try out myself. Any excuse to add a spice and I will. This would be a real family favourite in our house!

Karen at Lavender & Lovage entered a Fresh Fig & Goat’s Cheese Salad with Walnuts. Karen, who is a finalist in the Capricorn Goat’s cheese challenge (Well done!) made this salad which is really adaptable. She says it can be made with a variety of other cheeses and suggests you toast the walnuts before adding them to the salad. I agree, it really brings out their flavour. She also uses her own home grown figs, so envious!

I almost forgot to add my own entry! Here is my Salad of Fresh Figs with almonds, smoked cheese and an Ottolenghi inspired dressing. Perfect for lunch or as a main meal with some spiced roast chicken pieces.

Thank you all for entering this month. I have really enjoyed seeing such a wide variety of both sweet and savoury Fig inspired dishes.It makes me happy to see such an abundance of recipes, particularly as for many of you, it was a first attempt with Figs.

It is Working London Mummy’s turn to host for October but I will be keeping my eyes open for any entries that you post on Twitter. Remember the #oneingredient hashtag and I will retweet any entries that I see.

Happy October Cooking!


If your photo is not here it is because I have not been able to download it from your site. Please do email me and I will add it in. Thank you.





  1. says

    I am so glad  I bought some more figs before reading this post as I’m now dying to make most of the things I’ve seen here. They all sounds figilicious and you’ve done a great job of the round-up Laura, as you always do.

  2. says

    This is my first visit to your round-up and I am so impressed with the standard and scope of the recipes. All look absolutely lush. I am a big fan of figs in salads – a la Karen of LAvender and Lovage – and I have an unpublished fig pizza that I wish I had submitted. Och well, it is wonderful to be introduced to so many new ideas for a favourite ingredient. Lovely.

  3. says

    i’m so glad that I have stumbled upon your blog. my 6 year old considers himself a chef already but has a totally hopeless mother that is totally rubbish in the kitchen – so will be stopping by your blog for ideas / help etc. x

  4. says

    A lovely round up Laura,

    I am so sorry I did not take part this month (especially with my figs on my banner), I am not entirely sure where September went? I made a fig dish a few days ago, but sadly too late for this! I love squash of all types so am bound to use and blog them this month!

  5. says

    So gutted I did not get round to entering in this. Figs are my most favourite fruit ever. Last month was impossible though with so much going on at home. Lovely round up with plenty of  inventive ideas. Should keep me happy for a while. 


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