Roasted Plum Strawberry & Five Spice Ice Cream

When I read Kavey’s latest ICE CREAM POST, I was inspired to get using my very own ice cream maker again after reading all about her Sichuan pepper flavoured ice cream. The theme this month is “Spices”. This should be easy for me, considering my undying love of all spices.

In fact, I struggled because I love spices so much, I simply could not choose one alone. And, I wanted it to be novel as well as delicious. It had  to stand a chance of living up to a Sichuan pepper frozen delight.

Strangely, it was some plums that did it. Those punnets of supermarket plums that never ripen but remain like bullets in the fruit bowl until they go off or ripen but remain lip pinchingly sour.

Well, I had bought some to use for a pudding but had a few left over. I thought of five spice. And the beginnings of an ice cream were born………….

All I can say is, woahhh, it is good. I knew it would be when I tasted the puree of roasted plums cooked with five spice and roast strawberries. The colour of the deepest darkest rose with a soft yet aromatic flavour sweetened with honey and a splash of Kirsch.

A new ice cream kid on the block has been born.

Roasted Plum Strawberry & Five Spice Ice Cream

My entry into Kavey Eats   “BLOGGERS SCREAM FOR ICE CREAM.

Adapted from THIS recipe.

Ingredients :- Makes 1 litre

  • 750g plums cut in half and stoned

  • 250g strawberries hulled

  • 2tsp five spice

  • 150ml honey

  • Good pinch of salt

  • 1tbsp Kirsch

  • 480ml double cream

Method :-

  1. Pre-heat the oven to 240 degrees.

  2. Place the halved plums and strawberries into a roasting dish and sprinkle over the five spice then mix it into the fruits well.

  3. Bake in the oven for 15 minutes then take the tray out and cover it with foil for a while which seems to bring out the fruit’s natural juices.

  4. When cooled, add the Kirsch then blitz the fruit in a food processor or with a stick blender until very smooth.

  5. Add in the honey and a good  pinch of salt. Put the puree into the fridge in a plastic tub or bowl. Leave it overnight.

  6. The following day pour the puree and the cream into your ice cream maker and freeze according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

    Notes :-

    *I would recommend serving this ice cream with some extra roasted plums or strawberries. They would make a welcome partner to this ice cream as would an almondy biscuit to scoop it up with.

    *This is a simple ice cream to make as it doesn’t require an egg custard base. The texture is silky smooth and rich without a cloying aftertaste.



    • says

      Rita, the plums roasted would make an equally yummy dessert with Greek yoghurt or creme fraiche. I have only got my ice cream maker this year but it is a revelation!

  1. says

    I have to have a go at this as our plum tree is laden and I always feel guilty for not using enough of them. This is perfect and I’ve just got my keys to pop out and buy the five spice. No idea why I haven’t got any.  GG


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