One Ingredient for September – FIGS

Welcome to September’s One Ingredient post. It is great to be back after a summer of sorts. Not our best but goodness knows, it has meant the allotment has gone absolutely crazy whilst me and my family took our summer holiday in France.

The ingredient I have chosen for this month is FIGS.


Figs are simply beautiful. I was very surprised to see them on offer at the local Thursday Epsom market this week and bought 8 for £2. Pretty good if you ask me.

The only problem I have with figs, or rather fig trees, is that in the 15 years that I have had a fig tree (it has come withme on 3 house moves) it has never produced a ripe fig. But, I can live in hope. And buy them from the market in the meantime.

What I love about this plump, purple fruit with a fantastically crunchy, seedy centre is it’s ability to work equally well in both sweet and savoury dishes. I hope this is an ingredient that will appeal to both the sweet and the savoury cook in you.

I am sure that you will find a way to involve figs in your life this month. And to start you off with some inspiration, how abut checking out my lovely nieces blog. She is almost 11 is just starting out in the blogging world. Her recipe for GREEK FIG TART  is a winner! I feel she may be a perfect candidate for Junior Bake Off……what do you think??

Please do enter the “One Ingredient” challenge this month, it would be fantastic to see  how you would choose to use figs in a recipe. Forget the memories of “Eat Me” boxed dates  often found in greengrocers in the 70s and loved by all grannies (including mine). Think plump and bountiful!

Please remember to link back to ME and WORKING LONDON MUMMY. If you don’t we may not include you in our round-up. SO BEWARE!!!

The One Ingredient rules can be found HERE.

Happy Figgy Cooking!

Laura and Nazima



  1. says

    Great choice of ingredient for this month’s challenge! I’ve added a link to my fig jam recipe. The Greek Fig Tart sounds wonderful – I wish I’d saved a few figs now so I could try it! …And those fig and rum blondies look so good that I’m going to have to make some of those too.

  2. says

    Ooh I love figs Laura, both fresh and dried. The best I ever had was on a walk up in the hills in the South of France when they were literally falling of trees everywhere and we plucked them as we walked – warmed from the sun, they were so delicious. Good luck with your fig tree. I hope dried are OK as that’s all I can manage to get hold of and I’m just about to post a fig recipe.


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