Banana Shake Pops

This is a very brief post which I really wanted to add before heading off to France. It is a flavour of ice lolly that I remember absolutely loving as a kid. But, don’t ask me what it used to be called. I simply can’t remember. Er…….banana shake pop???

All I can remember is that it tasted distinctly of banana milkshake and it was a beautiful buttercup yellow. They only seemed to be found on the ice cream vans that used to feature as a big part of my life in the 70s.

Have you seen this recently?

There were many personal favourites and I did contemplate reproducing a cherry brandy lolly, having a bottle lurking in the cupboard which comes out once a year for lacing the Christmas cake with. Then there is the cider lolly, and the cola. I also remember a spearmint lolly which I adored. And, don’t forget the lemonade sparkle.

But, I knew that this banana shake lolly would work without me having to experiment with flavour and balance. Seeing as this lolly had to be made in moments, which is all the time I could give it, it works. And takes me back a bit.

So, go to your local corner shop, sweet shop or post office and buy yourself a bottle of banana milkshake. Pour it into some lolly moulds and freeze. It will take you on a journey into the 70s. Enjoy the nostalgia!

This is my entry into Kavey Eats ‘Bloggers Scream For Ice Cream Challenge’. This month it is “Ice Lollies“. I am also entering my lollies into Linzi at Lancashire Food’sFabulous Summer Ices“.




  1. Jude says

    Yummsie!  Your children are really enjoying these treats, will have to see what milkshakes I can 
    Find here, happy holidays :-) J x

  2. says

    Now you’ve reminded me of these, I do so remember them. They were one of my favourites too. A lovely recreation of a childhood classic and it looks as though the love lives on 😉

    Hope you have a fantastic holiday and I’m sure you’ll come back loaded with lovely French produce – sigh!

  3. says

    Banana lollies! These were one of my favorite treats when I was a child. I have to buy a good banana milkshake and try to make them for my kids! Thanks for reminding me about this type of lolly and Happy Holidays

  4. says

    I don’t remember these from the 70s at all, must have been living in a parallel universe. I do remember a mint chocolate lolly which I loved and the FAB lollies with the 100s and 1000s on them and Zoom, so I was definitely there lol!

  5. says

    Love retro ice lollies and remember a banana one with a toffee centre. Remember Funny Faces, Strawberry Mivvies, Orange Maids, Sparkles and from the ice cream van a Cider lolly (maybe that’s where my appreciation of cider started:o) Later in life I worked for Wall’s and if we weren’t trying a new flavour of icecream out we could buy stacks of cheap lollies in the staff shop. I have plastic coasters dotted around the house with icreceam names eg Winner Taco, some icecreams/lollies only seemed to last one season and then they were gone! Thank you for taking this trip down memory lane. I think it would be nice to make a half banana and half chocolate ice cream by freezing the milkshake in two stages!

    • says

      Thanks everyone for your lovely comments! I am just getting back into normality after 2 completely internet free weeks. Amazing how much time I had spare. Now ready to re-enter the blogging world again :))

  6. says

    How odd, just revisiting while I write the roundup post and can’t see my comment. I must have failed at submitting it properly. Wanted to say, love the idea, simple is so appealing. And the cute photos!

  7. says

    Banana milkshakes always remind me of my childhood – my Mum used to make them with just bananas and milk and we thought they were such a treat! I would have loved them even more as a pop :-)


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