How to cook good food in France


This is a misleading title for a post in some ways. You may be expecting me to rave and rant about how superb the foie gras (in every form) is, and the confit de canard that I had simmering away for hours in oil with a truffle infusion or how about the complex terrine of […]

Banana Shake Pops

Banana Shake pops

This is a very brief post which I really wanted to add before heading off to France. It is a flavour of ice lolly that I remember absolutely loving as a kid. But, don’t ask me what it used to be called. I simply can’t remember. Er…….banana shake pop??? All I can remember is that […]

Peach and Marsala Pies

Peach pies

My two favourite cooking  skills  at the moment are making bread and pastry. I am fortunate enough not to have a gluten intolerance, which means that I do make rather  a lot of bread and pastry. They are also skills that I will be teaching from next term. I taught them on a couple of […]