Sweet Bitesize Bakes and a Bake Swap

Last week was a baking bonanza. Not only was it my middle daughter’s 6th birthday but also the deadline for sending my Bake Swap to my selected partner, Laura at LauraLovesCakes.

I managed to get all my baking done with the idea of photographing the end results on the Saturday morning before the party. But, did I do this? Well…..no. I had every intention of getting to the party venue and snapping all my bakes. But it didn’t happen. I got far too distracted and simply forgot!

So, for this post I will be showing you a collection of  Laura’s  butterfly cookies but unfortunately none of my Toffee Malteser Bites.But, if you want to see what my Toffee Malteser Bites looked like, you can do so HERE courtesy of LauraLovesCakes Bake Swap post.

The idea behind the Bake Swap is to celebrate the launch of Sarah at Maison Cupcake’s new book by hosting a Bake Swap via their website BakeMe.com. We all got partnered up and had to send our partners a bake by post. What a wonderful idea and hopefully a good way for Sarah to spread the word about her book “Sweet Bitesize Bakes“.

Before I tell you about what I received in the post from Laura, I will tell you a little about Sarah’s book which I bought a couple of weeks ago.

The book is beautifully presented . Small and compact but full of inspiring recipes and tips for those of us who like to bake. What I like about it is the recipes are graded according to their level of difficulty. One spoon being easy and three spoons for the more challenging bakes and techniques.

For me, when I am baking and following recipes, I like to have lots of photos to refer to. This book has a photo to illustrate each recipe, getting a big thumbs up from me. The techniques that Sarah lists in the book are also accompanied by step by step photographs and this is a feature that always appeals to me. It definitely helps to see each stage of a process when trying something new. Also, the instructions are well laid out and are interspersed with useful tips . The text is clear, concise and laid out well on the page.

The content of the book is split into a number of useful categories ranging from fondant fancies, mini cupcakes, cute cookies, little tiers to petit fours. Techniques, useful tools and equipment as well as cake fillings and toppings are featured at the beginning of the book. I like the way that Sarah offers suggestions throughout the book for flavour variations. For example, how to flavour your buttercream, madeleines, biscuits or creme patisserie.

I see myself as more of a cook than a baker, so for me this book comes into it’s own with  the section on techniques. There are many featured techniques using various types of piping, how to cover cakes, making flowers and cake novelties, dipping fondant fancies and constructing cake pops that I need to know more about. They are all here and now I feel the need to get practicing. I can do this!

What I am most impressed by is that Sarah is a self taught baker who started  writing  her blog in 2009. Here we are in 2012 and she now has an award winning blog and has published a book. I admire her achievements in such a short space of time and (more importantly) have confidence in her recipes .

Her vanilla cookie recipe worked a dream for me so I now feel the need to go on to try out the more challenging bakes featured in the book. The French Macarons are calling me as are the fondant fancies. I will let you know how I get on!

So, if you are just starting out or if you are  a baker looking for a book that is filled with all the necessary information to help  you on your baking journey then this is the book for you.

Now here is a baker/blogger that knows a thing or two about cakes. My Bake Swap partner LauraLovesCakes sent me the most beautiful butterfly cookies and I would like to share some photos with you of my Bake Swap gift.

Thanks to Laura, my children and their friends got to enjoy my Bake Swap and the cookies were fantastic. For more of Laura’s bakes take a look at her blog LAURALOVESCAKES.

*disclosure* I bought Sarah’s book and chose to write a review of it as part of this post. All views expressed here are my own.


  1. says

    Great review – I can’t wait to get my own copy of this book. I saw your toffee malteser bites on Laura’s blog and would love to try some. The butterfly cookies are absolutely stunning!

  2. says

    Sounds like a gorgeous little book and those butterflies are beautiful! My baking book collection is ridiculous – now I may just have to go and add another one to it :-)

  3. says

    Sarah’s book is on my list of ‘must have” books and it was lovely to read your review. Those butterflies are super too. Bet your girls loved them! I enjoyed taking part in the bake swap too and got some lovely chocolate and ginger biscuits. 

  4. says

    Your swapsies look great, I’ve been over to Laura’s blog to see yours too, fun swap. I’m not surprised you forgot to take photos!

  5. Jude says

    It’s been wonderful to see everyone’s swaps, I love your malteser treats (I popped over for a look). And these vpbutterfly cookies are so cute.

    Like you I have the book and I’m looking forward to some inspiring autumnal bakes, I’ll have a bit of a break from cakes over the summer.

  6. says

    What beautiful butterflies. I bet the kids loved those. I was going to join in the bake swap, but I just ran out of time – something I seem to do rather a lot of these days!

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