Simple and in Season – The June Round – Up

Well I have yet again been so amazed at the amount of fantastically seasonal recipes that have been entered into my guest hosting for Ren Behan’s “Simple and in Season” for June. There are  an impressive THIRTY ONE  not including my own entry HERE. I have seen so many ideas that I just have to try out for myself so thank you all for making this a very enjoyable and inspirational read!

First to enter was The Taste Space with a Red Lentil Soup with Spinach & Lime. A twist on the classic but one that I think sounds very good. Janet uses delicious flavours that work well together to make a great soup. Lime juice, coriander and yellow mustard seeds add a fresh flavour to this healthy soup.

Shaheen from Allotment 2 Kitchen made Savoury Beetroot Loaf Wrapped in Beetroot Greens. This is a very clever idea and combines raw grated beetroot with breadcrumbs and spices such as chilli powder and garam masala Shaheen then bakes the mixture in mini loaf tins wrapping the mixture in the beetroot leaves. This is something I would love to eat for lunch with some minty yoghurt alongside it!

Ren at Fabulicious Food put together a traditional Polish Carrot & Apple Salad. This is a lovely seasonal salad idea that is quick and easy to put together. It uses grated carrots and apples along with sultanas, lemon juice and caraway seeds. I like the idea of topping it with Feta cheese, one of my absolute favourites. Such a tasty summer salad with lots of textures and good flavours.

Choclette from Chocolate Log Blog baked up some Cornish Splits. I had not heard of these until now but they are in fact a yeasted bun. The dough is made using milk and butter and Choclette added white chocolate too. They look soft and light and must be the perfect base on which to put a good dollop of jam and Cornish clotted cream. These  would make a very welcome change from the usual scone!

Solange from Pebble Soup cooked Asparagus a la Flamande. This is a Flemish style recipe. Solange has used white asparagus which are much more popular in the rest of Europe. They are cooked and served with a dressing made from mashed egg and chopped parsley. A classic flavour combination that highlights the flavour of this beautiful vegetable very well.

Ros, The More Than Occasional Baker created these Clotted Cream & Strawberry Tarts and Cookies. Ros made a wonderfully rich dough using butter and clotted cream as well as freeze dried strawberries. She made the cookies and then also decided to bake some of the dough into tart cases. Filling the baked tart shells with extra clotted cream and fresh strawberries is a brilliant idea. So British and so original too!

The Aga Girls entered  Roasted Aubergines With Pesto and Goat’s Cheese. This is such a summery dish. A great combination of smoky roasted aubergines with a fragrant home-made pesto sauce topped with sharp goat’s cheese and then baked in the oven. This is something I used to make quite often for a summer BBQ as it can be prepared ahead and re-heated at the last minute.

Following on from this is the second recipe by The Aga Girls for Butterflied Leg of Lamb. I think this would be perfect served with their roast aubergine dish above. A wonderful marinated piece of BBQued lamb is hard to beat. I do think marinating meat is always a good idea, especially if you do it for long enough. The flavours really do permeate the meat. Here the flavours are lemon zest, Dijon mustard, Rosemary and garlic. All perfect with lamb. I just need to get the very under used BBQ out now!

Sarah at The Garden Deli cooked Potato and Tarragon Pies. These little baked savoury potato pies sound so good. I love the idea of using a short pastry flavoured with thyme with a rich and herby meat free filling. Such a novel idea and great for either lunch or dinner. Sarah uses for her filling potato, tarragon, parsley, mustard, onions and garlic along with a little cream. This is a good way for me to use up the potatoes and parsley from the allotment!

Johanna from Green Gourmet Giraffe baked a Gluten Free Lemon & Honey Cake. Lucky Johanna has a lemon tree in her garden so she could use them in this citrussy gluten free cake. It uses polenta, ground almonds and desiccated coconut as well as olive oil and the cake keeps well for about a week. Once it is cooked  she glazed the cake with a honey and lemon mixture. I always like to have a couple of good gluten free recipes to hand and this  is one of them!

Resh from Daily Cuppa baked up a Rustic Strawberry Cake. I think this is a perfect idea for a tea time cake. Resh uses buttermilk and lemon zest in the batter which must make for a deliciously soft and tender crumb. I would love to have a slice along with some extra strawberries and cream. A lovely seasonal cake idea!

Another great entry from Ros, The More Than Occasional Baker here…….Sage Thyme and  Emmental Madeleines. I love the idea of a savoury Madeleine. The herbs and cheese combined with polenta would make for a wonderful savoury treat. I think they would be perfect served with soup or  as an alternative to bread. Ros also made some savoury muffins with the mixture, adding in some tiny cherry tomatoes. Again, I am sure that they would freeze very well as Ros said the recipe does make rather a lot of Madeleines!

Jacqueline from Tinned Tomatoes made a Deep Strawberry Cheesecake. This is a beautiful no-bake cheesecake made with Mascarpone and double cream. I think this would make for a perfect fruity take on a dessert I normally associate with lemons! This is such a brilliant recipe and I am a big fan of no bake cheesecakes. I adore the biscuitty base in contrast to the soft and creamy topping. Adding a fruity note is a perfect sharp contrast……superb!

Foodies Garden made these Elderflower Pancakes. This is an Austrian recipe and one that is completely new to me. The recipe suggests using white wine in the batter but there is also a non alcoholic pancake batter mentioned in the recipe too. They are served dusted in icing sugar and I would have to serve these with some strawberries doused in elderflower cordial. One of my new favourite things!

Janice at FarmersGirl Kitchen baked a Warm Rhubarb & Raspberry Meringue Trifle. This is a great idea for a pudding and uses fruits that are seasonal and are some of my favourites. Janice roasted the rhubarb before placing it on top trifle sponges along with raspberry puree. She added a layer of leftover crumble mix followed by custard and then the light and fluffy meringue. This all got baked in the oven to produce a crisp shell of meringue with the fruity custard sponge beneath. Such a clever idea, not to mention scrumptious too!

Another entry from Janet at The Taste Space for Peas and Beans in Tomato & Cardamom Sauce. A very good idea for a vegetable main course that could be served along with rice or even cous cous. The broad beans, sugar snaps and mange tout are cooked in a spiced tomato sauce that also features the herb Lovage. So aromatic and filled with an array of warm spices which I love to eat. I am like Janet though and will not be eating the skin on broad beans, one of my own pet hates!

Dancing Veggies entered with Zucchini Parmesan Crisps. What a good idea for using up all the seasonal courgettes of which there will be many. I do like the sound of coating the courgette discs in a Rosemary breadcrumb and Parmesan cheese crust. Even better and so healthy is the fact they get baked and not fried. So, they are good for you as well as being very tasty. I would love to eat these along with a fresh tomato salsa to dip them in. A perfect appetiser!

Another entry from Resh over at Daily Cuppa for a Mango Lassi. There are not many drinks as deliciously refreshing on a hot summer’s day than an ice cold Mango Lassi. I love this recipe which uses a combination of Greek style yoghurt, orange or mango juice and vanilla. I bet the mixture could also be frozen into lolly pops for the children too!

Next is an entry from my fellow Bitesize Bake Swap partner LauraLovesCakes who created these Strawberry Shortbread Meringue Pies. Laura is fantastic at baking and has come up with a treat here. She made the shortbread for the biscuit bases herself and topped them with whipped cream, mint and strawberries followed by a layer of piped Italian meringue. They look such perfect little summer delights!

Alida at My Little Italian Kitchen baked a Strawberry Tarte Tatin. I can just imagine this shortcrust pastry base filled with caramel soaked strawberries as being a wonderful pudding to eat with lots of cream. Another inspiring idea and one that perfectly suits the seasonal strawberry. I am so impressed by this idea, one that I have not thought to try until now!

Fleur at Homemade by Fleur baked Strawberry and Cream Eclairs with White Chocolate. These both look and sound truly amazing. The post is a great read too, all about her lovely daughter and their relationship. I love the way Fleur is creating posts which will one day be read by her children and hope my three children will eventually be doing the same.  The eclairs are simply divine as are the accompanying photos. White chocolate is such a good idea for an eclair topping, and very kid friendly too!

Another entry from Janice at FarmersGirl Kitchen with Strawberry Lemon Cake Dessert. I like a recipe that makes the most of leftover ingredients and that is what Janice did with this recipe. She had some leftover strawberries and creme patisserie and created a dessert.  It is made from lemon drizzle cake out of the freezer topped with pastry cream and strawberries finished off with a  glorious shiny strawberry glaze. Simple yet absolutely top marks for deliciousness!

Lottie at Lottie’s World of Cakes and Bakes made some Raspberry Coconut Ice. This is such a pretty colour I adore it and would imagine that Lottie’s use of Mascarpone to bind the ingredients together works brilliantly too. I am a big fan of all things coconut and this is a recipe that is pretty simple to put together, which is a result for those of us who are a little time short. That does not stop it from looking temptingly gorgeous in every way though!

Nazima at Working London Mummy created these Chocolate Raspberry Pavlovas. What a lovely idea to add both cocoa and chopped chocolate these little pavlovas. I love a good meringue and can imagine the chocolate flavour complimenting the cream and seasonal raspberries to a tee. This works for me as I do prefer a whole small meringue than getting a slice  of a large pavlova. You get more of a crunchy outside layer and it is far more aesthetically pleasing, just as Nazima’s photos illustrate!

Mel at Edible Things made Nettle Gnocchi. A very economical dish using foraged nettles and also a good vegan recipe to know. Mel did not use egg to bind her gnocchi as her vegan friend was coming to dinner. Now, I can imagine if you cannot get hold of nettles that spinach would work well here. She served them with a simple sauce of olive oil, chilli flakes and garlic. Excellent idea as a tomato sauce may mask the herby nettle flavours.

Ren at Fabulicious Food sent over another entry here for Fresh Cherry Compote. Cherries are in season and that is something to be celebrated. So, Ren has suggested making this very easy yet totally yummy cherry compote. All it involves is cooking up the pitted cherries with some sugar and water. For a smooth sauce it could be blended but I like the chunky version which she serves as past of a cherry ice cream sundae. I could also eat this with yoghurt and even as a topping for porridge. The smooth version would make a great ripple for an ice cream I think!

Jen at Blue Kitchen Bakes made a Raspberry Meringue Pie. This is a pie that breaks with tradition and places the raspberry mixture on top of the pie instead of in the middle. It looks excellent, so lovely to show of those beautiful berries. There is a hazelnut pastry filled with Italian meringue and baked before the fruit topping is added. This is a fine take on a classic!

Another recipe from Janet at The Taste Space here…..Raw Strawberry Pudding Pie. I know very little about raw puddings but from the sound of this I should get to know more. The crust is made  from raw almonds blended with dates and vanilla. It gets filled with a puree made from strawberries, bananas and lemon juice and topped with a further layer of strawberries. Janet said it has to set in the fridge for a while before eating it. I can only imagine it tasting divine with so many naturally good ingredients being used.

Mel at Sharky Oven Gloves baked a Pumpkin, Caramelised Onion, Black Olive & Feta Tart. This is a tart with many fantastic flavours featured in it and all loved by me. Mel caramelised the onions slowly so they become sticky and sweet. She also roasts the pumpkin before adding it to the tart. The tart mix itself uses creme fraiche and egg which I have done in the past and love. The vegetable mix for this tart is so good, I could probably eat it without it being cooked in pastry. It would make a fabulous salad. But as a tart, it would be out of this world!

Another recipe from Jen at Blue Kitchen Bakes for Cheese & Herb Muffins. Mel used a good strong Cheddar in combination with lots of freshly chopped parsley and said that they tasted great straight from the oven. I can well imagine. They would make a perfect breakfast or brunch dish to make if you are having friends around for a coffee morning. I may be tempted to add a little chopped ham or pancetta into them. These muffins are a great way to use up any spare herbs that are multiplying rapidly at this time of the year!

The final entry which came in today was once again by Janet at The Taste Space. It is a vegan breakfast/brunch dish. Raw Maca Banana Pancakes with strawberries and ice cream. The pancakes include raw buckwheat flour, almond milk, flax meal and Maca. They are then made in a dehydrator, left to dry out for several hours. I did look up Maca on Wiki and it’s definition was extraordinarily long. Basically it is highly nutritious!

So there we have it, all 31 entries looking so wonderfully seasonal. A feast for the eyes. I hope you have enjoyed reading about all the entries as much as I have.

A very big thank you for entering into a challenge I love to take part in myself.  I have been entering Simple and in Season pretty much since I started blogging just over a year ago. It has been a real pleasure to be a guest host for June, particularly as it is one of my favourite months of the year.

I look forward to cooking and eating many more fresh and seasonal ingredients in July. There is an abundance of goodies to enjoy so here is to a summer of eating well. We certainly need it to cheer ourselves up in the hope that the sun will return. After all, the poor tomatoes are crying out for it!



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    Excellent, excellent round up! Thanks for putting it all together to beautifully. Lots of lovely recipes – love all the berry ones as its one of my favourite fruits.

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    Another great round-up Laura – you do them so well. Everything looks delicious but I’m particularly keen now to try that raw strawberry pudding pie. I have tried to make a few raw foods, but I need to widen my repertoire and be more creative I think.

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    Wow such a lovely round up Laura. Thank you so so much for hosting June. It was a lovely month for your to host, such a lot of variety and great seasonal recipes. Lots to go around and explore now. Thank you for being such a great supporter of this event too! It seems to keep growing from strength to strength!

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    What a fab selection and a big pat on the back for doing such a great round up. I’m sure that took a fair few hours to put together. Lovely words. I’m looking forward to the treats people will bring this month as well. :)


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