One Ingredient – July Recipe Linky

July is upon us and what a bountiful time of year it is for the One Ingredient challenge. The list of fruits and vegetables on offer and in season is huge and I would happily have chosen them all if I could.

But, even though I was particularly tempted to go with either apricot or peach, I have decided upon another fruit. It is more of a savoury choice but has potential in the sweet department too!



A confusing plant because although it is botanically classed as a fruit, it is used for culinary purposes as a vegetable. They are a favourite  “fruit” of mine although I have taken a break from growing them. This is why. They are prone to blight  and they always ripen in the fortnight I am on holiday!

Tomatoes also require generous amounts of water and given that the hose pipe ban has only just been lifted, there seemed little point in kidding myself that I would have any more success with them this year. But, I will be enjoying them and paying very little for my tommies down at the local market over the next few weeks.

I hope there are lots of tomato lovers who will enjoy taking part in this month’s challenge. The possibilities are endless. Think bread, pizza, chutney, tarts, soups, sauces and salads. I am sure there are even a few of you out there who may give the tomato a go in a sweet recipe. After all, carrots make a fine cake and pumpkins are delicious in pies. So, please have a go and join in!

The rules for the One Ingredient Challenge can be found HERE. Please submit your entry into the “Simply Linked” widget at the end of this post.

I very much look forward to seeing your entries. The round-up will follow at the end of the month. June has been hosted by Working London Mummy.

Thank you from Laura and Nazima xx


  1. Jude says

    Wonderful, I’m determined to enter this month and I use tomatoes all the time, so should be able to come up with something, I hope!

  2. says

    I’ve become just a bit addicted to the baby plum tomatoes from The Tomato Stall at the farmer’s market. I pop them like popcorn into my mouth and can’t seme to stop, not exactly a bad thing I guess, but still.Great choice of ingredient, I hope I get something out for it!

    • says

      Brilliant Shuhan, I can imagine farmer’s market tomatoes taste wonderful. I will be following you down there through this summer as well as to a few farm shops and pick your own farms too!

  3. says

    EASY PEASY challenge for me as I LOVE tomatoes and use them ALL the time!  I have LOTS of recipes already on the blog, can I revamp the posts to add your badge and links and re-post? Karen xxx Otherwise, I will of course be cooking with them anyway! xx

  4. says

    What a lovely idea. I’d love to take part in this challenge but am away for a lot of July so may not be able to…will definitely look forward to reading the recipes posted though :-)

    • says

      Well I don’t blame you for going away. I am sure many will be following you over the next couple of months. Have a great time and eat lots of tomatoes instead!

  5. says

    Thank you!  I’ve submitted an old recipe but it’s one I still make a lot (hence the photo is pretty bad.  My food photography has improved a lot!)

  6. says

    Never without tomatoes in the house, they are so versatile. I’ve entered our favourite Quick Nicoise Style Salad for when you want a healthy satisfying meal in minutes.


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