Strawberry & Elderflower Ice Cream

Here we are in June, my second favourite month of the year (after May) but I have been  struggling to get into the summer season. The weather has been ridiculous……..and not in a good way. Are we in for a truly  soggy summer, who knows?  The garden and the allotment seem to enjoy this rainy onslaught. But we are fast approaching Wimbledon season, so I would like some sun please and lots of strawberries and cream to celebrate the one sporting event of the year that I watch without fail!

Last year I planted two big pots of strawberries and forgot about them over winter. The plants have re-appeared this year and are growing fruits happily with very little attention given to them by me. When I realised they were fruiting I did give them a dose of tomato feed and will carry on with it until they are ripe and hope the birds and mice don’t get to them before I do.

Feeding fruits and vegetables is good practice and I do it whenever I remember. I do like to think it gives them the opportunity to  grow and taste  their best. The trouble is keeping up with how quickly they grow at this time of the year, just like my 3 children…….all shooting up before my very eyes. What I should be doing is setting aside a day a week just for the garden and the allotment……..Hmmmm nice thought!


I have added my first ever batch of elderflower cordial to this ice cream, made using Karen from Lavender & Lovage’s recipe HERE. It tastes of a British summer, beautifully floral and aromatic and so refreshing.Thanks so much Karen for allowing me to share your recipe! The strawberry ice cream recipe came from Nigella Lawson HERE. It is my  first attempt at a custard based ice cream, a method I am fully embracing. Fruity, rich, silky smooth and best of all not too sweet even with my addition of elderflower cordial.

This also happens to be my entry into Kavey Eats “Bloggers Scream For Ice Cream” challenge. This month the ingredient is FRUIT. Kavey also has a great prize for the winner this month and I love her own entry for Avocado Ice Cream HERE.

Strawberry & Elderflower Ice Cream

Makes 2 Litres

Ice Cream Recipe HERE

Adaptations :- 10 tbsp elderflower cordial to the ice cream base. I didn’t add any vanilla.

Elderflower Cordial Recipe HERE

Adaptations :- I used 1 lemon and 2 oranges and half white, half demerara sugar.


  1. says

    This looks amazing and with homegrown strawberries too! I should plant my own as I eat boxes of them during the summer month. Love the addition of elderflower too – perfectly summery :)

    • says

      Thanks so much but I have to tell you the plants don’t produce that much so you may need to plant a few to get a good crop! x

  2. says

    This icecream was the last image I looked at before going to bed last night so I dreamt I was eating it and it was absolutely delicious and seemed so familiar. Then checking my tweets I realised why.

  3. says

    Aren’t home grown strawberries the best? We have the regular kind (not sure which variety as it’s a patch in the allotment, we inherited from previous owner) and at home a growing patch of wild strawberries, teeny tiny and taste like bubblegum!

  4. says

    FABULOUS entry for Ice Scream and OVERLY LOVELY recipe Laura! I am SO chuffed that my elderflower cordial recipe was a hit and LOVE your tweaks too!  Now try some of your home-made elderflower cordial with sparling wine or water for a BIG floral fizzy drink…’s LUSH that way! 
    LOVELY ice cream and I adore English strawberries….

  5. says

    Most beautiful ice cream. We never have enough strawberries for cooking from the patch, as my tot keeps eating them daily, we go in the garden and pick a few and he eats them there and then.
    Thank you for visiting my blog!

    • says

      No problem, really enjoyed it and reading all about your Capricorn goat’s cheese recipes. I too love strawberries and will be hoping to eat loads more this season!

  6. Fishfingers for tea says

    Oh yum! This looks lovely. The weather has been so strange hasn’t it. I’m swinging between more wintry type dishes and then summery ones to try and tempt some sunshine back! 

    • says

      I know what you mean. The longest day is here and I still feel like we are in Spring only! Still, those strawberries must get eaten :))

  7. says

    It’s my birthday in a couple of weeks and I have decided that I want an ice cream maker. It’s recipes like yours that have helped me make my mind up. Sounds amazing. I have made elderflower cordial too so I’m all set to go once my birthday arrives. 

  8. says

    Ooh, there is nothing better than homemade strawberry ice-cream, except perhaps strawberry ice-cream with elderflower – how splendid is that! I’m still using up last year’s cordial, but am getting worried in case I’ll have missed the elderflowers before I get around to making any for this year.

    • says

      There are still a few elderflowers waiting to flower on our tree so hope you find a few lurking so you can top up your cordial supply! x

  9. says

    I love strawberry ice cream but haven’t actually made it in my adult life – I always get seduced by the chocolaty recipes! But having seen this I’m going to have to get involved – something to eat whilst watching Wimbledon I think!


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