Happy Diamond Jubilee!

Hello! This is just a quick message from me to say that I will not be around for a few days, and  am looking forward to spending a little bit of time with my family.

Wishing you a very celebratory Diamond Jubilee Weekend. Enjoy! Here’s to a long long weekend. I think it’s just about time to have a party. Where’s the Pimm’s?!


  1. Have a lovely weekend :-) I was thinking of you today, can you actually move in Epsom on Derby day? When I was in Prep school in Ascot  it used to take the coach over an hour to get along the high street during the races!

  2. Lovely pic, hope you are having a wonderful time x

  3. Happy jubilee! We’ve been enjoying Pimms, Eton Mess and cucumber sandwiches this weekend – couldn’t get much more British!

  4. Have a LOVELY time with your family Laura! Karen

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