We Should Cocoa – The May Challenge is Almonds

I know you must be thinking what on earth is the “We Should Cocoa” challenge doing here. Well, I am pretty surprised to find it here myself. Let me tell you how it came about……

Choclette got in touch to tell me that Chele over at The Chocolate Teapot was going to be taking a break from blogging for a while. So, Choclette  at “Chocolate Log Blog” was going to be in need of some help with running the We Should Cocoa monthly chocolate challenge. She will be offering out bi-monthly guest host slots until Chele comes back from her break. I am one of the hosts and pretty delighted I am to be too!!!

“We Should Cocoa” is a monthly challenge that I love to take part in and it is all about pairing up chocolate with the hosts chosen ingredient. Now, this is much harder than it sounds. Should it be obscure, fun, simple, classic or completely off the wall!?!

One of my favourite  flavour combinations for chocolate is nuts because I happen to be nuts about nuts! So what I have chosen for you this month is the one and only……..ALMOND. A very versatile nut that can be used with or without their skins, flaked, ground, roasted, toasted , extract or even in liqueur form…….. Amaretto di Saronno . I LOVE it!

I hope you will take part and cannot wait to see some of your  truly nutty chocolatey delights throughout this month.

The WeShouldCocoa rules can be found HERE. The closing date is May 25th.

As Choclette mentioned in her April round up, we will be reverting back to email submission. Please remember to attach a photo.

Please send your entry to ………. weshouldcocoa@yahoo.co.uk

Also, remember to link back to Choclette, Chele and me in your post. Good Luck & Happy Baking!



    • says

      Thanks so much for asking me. I was quite taken aback but also delighted to be able to host such a fantastic challenge as We Should Cocoa!


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