Lemon & Ginger Sorbet

Lemon & Ginger Sorbet

It was my birthday on Tuesday and I have been very busy celebrating with various friends, and of course my lovely family. And guess what they all gave me? A very super duper ice cream maker. I am overjoyed to receive it and I have for you here my very first creation….. Now I knew […]

Baked Ricotta Cakes,Watercress & A Chocolate Balsamic Dressing

Ricotta Cakes with watercress

The joy of having an allotment is that I have become so much more aware of the seasons and what foods are available when. All I have to do is take a stroll amongst the plots  and have a chat to the neighbours to see what they are growing, as well as working out  how […]

A Giant Hot Cross Bun also known as Fruit Loaf


I did have such good intentions of writing up this post whilst on holiday in Cornwall but I am afraid it just did not happen. What I really should have done is post it on holiday after writing up the draught in advance but I am just not that organised about my blogging. Hence, it’s […]

Sticky Rhubarb, Rose Honey Cake

Rhubarb & Rose cake

I have to admit that I have not cooked or eaten rhubarb for years. I used to love it, but that was in the “sweet” form and the “yoghurt” form. My problem with rhubarb is not so much the flavour but the stringy texture and rather dull colour it produces once it is cooked. I […]