Roasted Butternut Squash & Black Bean Mole

Even though I spent the Milllennium New Year over in Mexico, I never did get to try a dish called Mole. Ever since then  I have always  wanted to make it  but knew it involved many many ingredients, some of which could only really be found on the internet. And  as much as I seem to spend all my spare time using my laptop, I am not very good at ordering food/specialist ingredients online.

Therefore, I never would be able to open up my cupboards to find an array of  dried Mexican chillies with which to make this wonderful sounding Mole. So what I did was to search for a recipe that would allow me to make a Mole easily. I know this means that I am foregoing the authenticity of this Mexican dish , but having made and tasted it, all I can say is that it’s muy muy bueno!

My version is vegetarian, not because I am, but because I had in mind this month’s “We Should Cocoa” challenge from Choclette (Chocolate Log Blog). She set the task of creating a veggie savoury dish using chocolate. And this is it!

Usually Mole is a chicken dish. Mine includes roasted butternut squash and black beans as it’s replacement and it worked very well indeed. The dish is incredibly rich, full of spices, toasted sesame seeds and good dark chocolate. The need for meat was not necessary, but seeing as the sauce is so good, I may just have to give it a go  with chicken at some point.


The dish was based  upon a recipe I found on the Waitrose website and can be found HERE.

  • What I did was to replace the chicken by roasting a butternut squash (cut into small chunks & coated in olive oil) for 30 mins at 200 degrees. I added this to the sauce once it had cooked for 30 minutes along with a tin of black beans which had been drained and rinsed.

  • The rest of the recipe I followed but did make a few alterations to it.

  • Along with the spices, I added 1tsp oregano, 1/4 tsp mint and 2tbp of raisins.

  • I also added the grated chocolate right at the end of the cooking time and just let it melt into the dish.

Serving suggestions :-

Both Mr.Scott and I ate this with plain basmati rice, lots of natural yoghurt,coriander and chopped red chillies. In hindsight a nice little tomato and avocado salsa would have been perfect to counteract the richness of the Mole.

What I loved about the dish was the depth of flavour the chocolate added without tasting in any way sweet. I am sure that a tablespoon of good quality cocoa would have the same effect.

I know this may not be the most Mexican of Mole recipes, but it is a very good recipe to pull out of the bag if you have any veggie friends coming over for lunch/ dinner. It would make a very welcome change I’m sure to the pasta/quiche/bakes that I know I am guilty of relying on……..Ole for Mole!!


    • laura says

      Thanks! I agree in that it’s always good to have a few really tasty veggie meal ideas. Also, I like to eat meals that don’t just rely on meat as the central ingredient.
      And, yes I also have learned from my mistakes :-)

  1. says

    Thank you for your comments on my recent post Laura, it’s reassuring to know that I’m not the only one who made this mistake – one I will not be making again!

  2. Jude says

    This sounds so yummy!  And I’m deeply envious, I spent the Millenium at a party inTeddington, it was fun (our boys were teenagers) lots of friends and their families, but not really glamourous like Mexico :-)

    • laura says

      It definitely was a trip to remember Jude! There were about 30 of us out there partying for 2 weeks before kids obviously and I wasn’t even married yet. I do love Mexican food and don’t cook it often enough x

  3. says

    that sounds yummy! i love the idea of chilli and chocolate together, and it’s brilliant htat you’ve substituted the mexican dried chilli peppers for something else that’s abit more easy to find and work with (:

    • laura says

      Thanks! I can tell you it does taste good although I am sure would be amazing if I ever manage to get hold of some dried Adobo chillies :)

  4. says

    Laura using squash in this recipe is genius. Now you’ve pointed it out, I can imagine just how good it would be. I love squash anyway, but i think it would go really well with black beans and a good mole sauce. I did make mole once, years ago and it was a bit of a faff to say the least – absolutely delicious though. Thank you for participating in this rather difficult challenge.

    • laura says

      Thanks Choclette! I know you would love this and I promise it isn’t too tricky to make, just whizz up all ingredients then cook :-)xx

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