Allotment update- visits 2&3

Allotment visits 2 and 3

Last weekend I managed to get down to our allotment TWICE! I think getting stuck in the week before meant I was raring to get back to work. Fortunately, because it was sports day on Friday, Mr.Scott was home early. So, off we all headed for some more hand digging and weeding. Our lovely neighbours […]

Crab & mango salad

crab & mango salad

Since writing this blog, I find myself looking back to my cheffing past and to all the many places I worked. Each place holds different food memories that have stayed with me. After having to re-create them time and again for lunch and dinner services, many dishes and in fact many ingredients I began to […]

Allotment-the first visit

Allotment day 1

I didn’t think the day would ever come, but here it is. The allotment is mine and what a sorry site it is! I got talking to our neighbouring plot holder (also new), who said that my plot   has been empty for a good few years. So, imagine a green space, all yours, and […]

Devon cream tea with a twist

Devon Cream Tea

Having just written my latest post on holidaying in Devon, I felt the need to come up with a recipe that would represent the month of June and ingredients that are readily found in South Devon at this time of the year. The ingredient I have focused on is strawberries, the ultimate sweet berry that […]

A week in the South Hams, Devon


Tips about how to eat well in South Devon For the past seven years, ever since large girl was just a few months old, we have been coming to South Devon for a weeks holiday. I was completely in awe of it’s tree lined , Mediterranean like beaches as well as it’s wealth of rich […]